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Newspaper snippet from the past




On Tuesday evening – the town of Crich was the scene or great disturbance and confusion. The principal part of the inhabitants, to show their disapprobation of Sir Robert Peel’s proposed scheme for the Corn laws, made an effigy of Sir Robert, of straw and old clothes, and carried it round .the town. It was received with shouting and hooting as it passed along. After the town had been perambulated, Sir Robert Peel – the man of straw – was burnt near to the King’s Arms Inn, amidst the most dismal yells, hisses, and groans. In the market place some scoundrel picked Sir Robert’s pocket of a watch, made of a large turnip, and having part of a plough chain and an iron bolt, for the chain and key. The rogue has yet escaped detection.

Correspondent of the Derbyshire Chronicle.

Spotted by Prunella Bradshaw


Crich folk seem to like making straw effigies of disliked authority figures. In 1883 they carried a straw effigy of their vicar, the Revd William Acraman, through the village and set it alight outside the vicarage. This was recorded in the book “Parish life with a troubled vicar”. Ed