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Crich Parish in the Great War


The performance of “Crich Front Lines” occurred at the Glebe on 11 November 2014 when the new Roll of Honour went on show. Many residents contributed to Martyn Offord’s commemoration event and the performance was to a packed audience. Since then many new records have become available and we have been delighted to receive extra information from relatives of those who served. Consequently we have decided to update the Roll of Honour to reflect this extra information and hope to have this in place by 2018 to reflect the ending of the Great War. We are also producing a second edition of the book “Crich Parish and the Great War” to include all the new material which has come to our attention. This we hope to have completed at the same time.

All the extra information can be found on the dedicated webpage which we keep up to date, and we will continue to do so in the future (

There are still some men about whom we know little and would love to add to their record. So, if anyone has photographs or knowledge of any person who served, please do let us know if you have not done so already.


The following photo was provided by Jackie Lester towards the WW1 project.


World War 1 soldiers


Currently we do not know where it was taken – any suggestions?
Does anyone recognise any of the men?