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Crich Night School 1884


Crich has had a fascinating history of how its various schools developed over the years. For a parish of this size to have four schools serving its population is fairly unique. Back in 1884 it also had a Night School. The newspaper report below mentions the school being built at Crich Carr and the “top school” being extended. Also the plans to build what is now Crich Junior School was referred to. Miss Griffiths’ private school at Crich Carr (owned by the Hurt family) is now a private house on Hindersitch Lane. The Night School and Day School students who were being examined hoped to obtain their Labour Certificates. This would mean that they could leave school earlier than the norm and start working. The examination was in the 3Rs – Reading Writing and Arithmetic (it was never called RWA!).


Derby Mercury 26 March 1884

EDUCATIONAL AFFAIRS – some progress has been made in dealing with the educational difficulties of Crich. The parochial schools are being enlarged, a branch school is being built at Crich Carr, and the British School Committee have had the plans for a new set of buildings to be erected at Crich generally approved by the Education Department. It has also been decided that the private school conducted by Miss Griffiths at Crich Carr shall be continued. Towards the close of last week Mr Briggs, assistant inspector, examined the scholars attending the British Night School, and also 12 day scholars who applied for Labour Certificates. All passed in reading, with the exception of one. The result of the examination in writing and arithmetic has not yet been reported. The average attendance of the British Day Schools now exceeds 200.