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Look out this Autumn for ‘Nothing Rhymes with Crich’, by Martyn Offord the sequel to ‘Little Rhymes with Crich’ published by CACN in 2012. All proceeds will be in aid of Day Care at the Glebe.




I named my book ‘Little Rhymes with Crich’

Because I couldn’t think of anything that did rhyme with Crich.

But some smarty-pants would no doubt trych

With all their clever clever mightch

To rhyme with Crich.

Not Right as in Righteousness.

Not Third Reich.

Not even Google.

Not even Welsh.

Though it would be nice if ‘cwtch’ did.

So with assurance I proclaim Volume 2

‘Nothing Rhymes with Crich’

And celebrate our rhymeless village

In poetry and song....


(But if you do find something, please let me know before we go to press!)