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Parish Well Dressings


Wow what a well dressing year this has been! The sun has shone for weeks and the temperatures have been in the upper 20° C. Clare lost a header frame in her rather large garden pond, we thought she may have to go diving in order to retrieve it but thankfully it floated back to the top. Paddling pools leaked when frames were being soaked. One lady, after putting a picture on the clay, realised the frame was upside down. That was my trick last year but I didn’t realise until the last minute. And then there was ‘eggs for the wounded Fritchley pensioners’. All was resolved as there are no mistakes in well dressings!

The organising team chose WWI –100 years as the theme for 2018. We wanted the well dressings to reflect the end of the war in 1918 and also a home coming for the men of our parish. In addition, there were other significant events 100 year ago, such as the Royal Air Force being formed and women getting the vote. Our research, mainly done from the www.crichprish-ww1 website, which I may add is very interesting, came up with pictures suitable to depict as well dressings. The 13 groups taking part this year, two of whom are new to the activity, were steered to the said website for inspiration. Everyone should be proud: the well dressings look amazing and credit is due to all groups for depicting this year’s theme in great detail. Within the well dressings, flowers and colours were chosen to represent the significant 100 year events – Poppies and Rosemary for remembrance, purple for the suffragettes, blue for the Royal Air Force, white for peace and more.

All the well dressings were blessed by members of St. Mary’s Church ministry team. On Friday 6th July, Anette Love led Fritchley Primary school with Fritchley OAP group while Martyn Offord led Crich Infant School. Anette Love also blessed the Whatstandwell Social Club frame. The children of Crich Carr Primary school led their blessing by reading poems and prayers written by themselves. They also sang with Crich Carr Community choir and Dennis Hooton gave a blessing and prayers.

The main Well Blessing took place at Crich Market Place on Saturday 7th July with Sandra Maycock and Jill Neal talking about Well Dressings in the UK and WW1. Anette Love blessed four well dressings and said prayers. Crich Carr school children read poems and sang war time songs with Crich Carr Community choir. Fritchley choir sang ‘Walking In Derbyshire’, written by Michael Williams, a choir member and ‘Keep The Home Fires Burning’. Mags Gilmore played ‘The Last Post’. Everyone was invited to sing ‘It’s A Long Way To Tipperary’. A trio of traditional English clog dancers performed some spectacular and intricate dances. Later in the day Anette Love blessed the well dressings for The Tramway Village, Hindersitch Lane and The Horticultural Society, at the Cliff Inn. A huge thank you to Anette for all her work.

Crich Parish Well Dressing is a community project for everyone to enjoy. We have male and female participants as well as all ages and abilities taking part. Well Dressing, though an arts based activity, isn’t about being artistic. Through using a variety of natural materials, we encourage people to experiment, take risks, make changes and to make decisions. They can evaluate and discuss materials to use as a picture progresses. Well dressing allows people to work individually or as a team member. Those taking part often find it’s a relaxing, therapeutic and rewarding activity. We also try to support a local charity each year by having a collection at the main well blessing event. This year, the collection raised £60 for Crich Pre- School. Once we have all the money in from trail maps etc we hopefully will increase that figure and a cheque will formally be presented to them. Please see notices at The Glebe and hopefully in CACN.

Sandra, Jo, Clare and Jill would like to thank everyone for taking part and supporting us in organising this large event.

We look for forward to seeing you all in 2019.


Scouts and Day Care well dressings  Fritchley OAPS well dressing


Scouts and Day Care                                                   Fritchley OAPs


RAM Furniture well dressing


RAM Furniture


Pre-school and The Loaf well dressings 


Crich Pre-school and The Loaf


Crich Infants school well dressing   Fritchley Primary school well dressing


Crich Infant School                                    Fritchley Primary School



St Marys church well dressing  Crich Carr Primary school well dressing


St Mary's church                                                                 Crich Carr Primary school


Whatstandwell Social club well dressing   The Tramway Village well dressing   Cliff Inn Horticultural society well dressing


Whatstandwell Social Club                    Tramway Village                    Cliff Inn Horticultural Society