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A Fortnight of Fitness for the Village


Crich had its first Fitness Fortnight this July in the two weeks leading up to the Fête. The sun shone and we had a great turn out for our first innings which built as the events went on and people started to hear what was on. Some of the classes doubled in size and new ones may now start as a result.

We kicked off with Tag rugby with coaches from Matlock Ladies (Baileans rugby club). A brilliant Sunday afternoon was had with thirty locals, young and old enough to know better, showing up to chase each other and a ball around the Rec. Huge thanks to Kate Willis for organising this.

“We haven’t laughed so much in ages! And ached!”

“Loved the disco!”

The retro disco revealed the amount of 80s gear lurking in people’s wardrobes. A lot of leg warmers, fishnets, fluorescent clothing and wigs made it to the Glebe along with camping cooler boxes of drinks. Around fifty people danced and chatted the night away to our DJ-Alan Cheeseman.

The Rec proved a great place for Qwik cricket with Dom and the slopes a challenge for the Nordic Walkers under the expert tuition of Graham Beech. Several people got the bug for it. And thanks to the generosity and patience of the fête committee and Scouts, we were able to keep the marquees up until Sunday to offer outdoor tasters of Yoga with Rachel Jennings, Meditation with local hypnotherapist, Mark Clutton, dance and movement teacher Sara Rose, Aerobics with Sarah Poplar, a Natural Running workshop with Phil Rose of Natural Born Runners and the finale: a close-run village rounders match run by Andrea Kemp. It also provided shade for an impromptu but popular sell-off of cakes from the Place Project.

2k Fun Run: “It’s been fantastic. The highlight for me was doing the fun run in full office gear. I think loads of people will do it next time.”Paul

The run around Coast Hill was an amazing success thanks to the organisation of Ian Travers, several of the Monument Race committee and volunteers from Jog Derbyshire’s local Crich group. Around forty children and adults turned out, despite it being Friday 13th. We’d particularly like to thank Tracy and Liggy at the Cliff Inn for kindly lending us their field for the warm-up, start and finish line and restoring hot runners and supporters after at the bar.

Very Special thanks to all the great local activity leaders who opened their classes up for new people to try – Kerry Wilson for adult and children’s yoga at the scout hut; Ian Travers from Jog Crich; Peter Herbert from Walking for Health; Carl Bateman for Tai Chi at Holloway and South Wingfield; Sarah Poplar for aerobics in the Glebe; Steve Howard for Table Tennis in the Glebe; Helen Sutcliffe for Serenity Yoga in the Glebe; Sue Copson for Dru Yoga in the Glebe; Kath Cresswell for children’s dance and adult Ballroom dancing in the Glebe; Rachel Jennings for Gentle Yoga and Somatics in the scout hut; Jan and Sharon at the Tramway for their lovely storytelling walk.

We’d love to hear your stories, suggestions and for you to get involved in helping 2019 Crich Fitness Fortnight bring even more people together for fitness, fun and friendship. Please contact Rachel on 07877 320723 or email Trish¬ on or find us, photos and videos of the events on Facebook or Twitter.


Fitness Photo album


two youngsters putting their best foot forward on their run


the adults also put their best foot forward, this time on the dance floor


nordic walking attracted some at the fete  rugby on the rec was a popular activity