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The Trustees’ meeting in April did not result in any decision on the future of the hall. It seems they are deliberately prevaricating in the hope that we will get fed up and go away!

We have since had two phone conversations with Mark Tucker at the Federation – thanks to Wayne for his persistence in achieving that. However, Mr Tucker has not been willing to share any useful information with us except that a decision may (or may not) be made within three months (which we are now two months into), and that a “Project group” might be formed, which it has not so far as we are aware!

Ian Chinn has had no further positive response from the Federation regarding the setting up of a new congregation in the church, and here is where we would like your help. It has been implied that the potential new congregation has been manufactured for the purpose of saving the hall and is not real. Everyone at the meeting saw a good number of people (about twelve) put up their hands as being interested in worshipping at the church, but we do not have the names and contact details of all of them.

So, could anyone who is interested in re-establishing worship at the church, including of course any members of the old congregation, please email Ian at and let him know who you are? He will then have a complete list and can prepare an approach.

I hope the Federation’s slow, obstructive and frankly un-Christian attitude towards the interests of our community will not dissipate the support in the village to save the hall and the church for community use, and that you are all still with us!

Thanks to everyone for your ongoing support, and to all the volunteers in the group. Please email any ideas, information or comments to , join/like/share our Facebook group “Save Fritchley Community Hall”, follow us on Twitter – @fritchley_hall for updates on the decision and next steps, and express your support to anyone who will listen!