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HMS ORMONDE: a coincidence

In the obituary for Doctor Twist in the September issue it mentioned that he served on HMS Ormonde during WW2. This name rang a bell with Crich resident Mrs Hilda Turner. Several years ago, at a car boot sale, she bought a wooden fruit bowl made of teak. The inscription said that it had been made from the timbers of HMS Ormonde. Mrs. Turner had great pleasure in contacting Dr. Twist�s son, Tim, to see if he would like the bowl as a memento. Tim was delighted to accept the kind offer and it now has pride of place in his home.

Picture of HMS Ormond

The ORMONDE was built in 1917 for the Orient Steam Navigation Company. Launched in June 1918, she was converted from coal to oil burning in 1923. Requisitioned as a troopship in 1939, she took part in the evacuations from Norway and France. In November 1942 she was present at the North African landings and later at Sicily and Italy. In 1944 she was based at Bombay for Far East trooping work and returned to commercial service in 1947 as an emigrant vessel to Australia. She was sold for breaking up at Dalmuir, Scotland in December 1952.