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Traveller's Tale

Bill Bryson says that when travelling, always read a local newspaper. This paid off when travelling in the mid-west of the USA in September. I attach an article from the Minot North Dakota Daily News about a cricket spitting competition in Wisconsin. Apparently the crickets are normally frozen before being spat, so the triumph celebrated here is the more remarkable because they were thawed.
Perhaps Crich wants to form a cricket spitting team for next year�s competition in Wisconsin.

Martyn Offord


Dad, son excel at cricket-spitting

MARSHFIELD, Wis. (AP) � When it comes to spitting a cricket for distance, the central Wisconsin talent seems concentrated in one Marshfield family. Brian Johnsrud spat a thawed cricket 22 feet, 8 inches at the Central Wisconsin State Fair on Saturday. Minutes later, his son Jared shot his cricket 10 feet, 5 inches to win the 9 to 11 age division.
Brian Johnsrud says the key is to pick the biggest cricket and put it upside down on your tongue. He also says you have to take the deep breath before putting the cricket in your mouth, soyou don't swallow the critter.
Seven-year-old Daniel Word won the competition among 5 to 8 year olds. After spitting his cricket 9 feet, 11 inches, he said it wasn't easy.
The event drew enough interest that organizers say they'll make it an annual affair.