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Crich Heritage Partnership Photo Archive

This month�s theme from the Photo Archive is based on the mineral railways with photographs courtesy of Brian Key and Alan Rimmer.
The first picture was taken from the top of Cliff Quarry after its closure. It is an unusual view because it shows the railway lines still in place. You can see quite clearly how additional rail tracks were laid as the work in the quarry progressed from one area of the quarry face to another. The aim being to minimise the distance that limestone needed to be moved before the trains took it away to be processed. The photograph was taken about 1959.

photo of Cliff Quarry
The photograph below shows the Keeper�s Cottage, thought to be at Crich Chase, and is dated about 1900. The railway line in this photograph was not part of the mineral railway system but was in fact used to supply materials for the building of the reservoir at Bowmer Rough.

photo of Keepers Cottage

The photograph below was taken in 1956 and shows a close up view of the Stephenson Drum which was used to haul wagons up and down the Steep on the last part of their journey from the quarry to Bullbridge. This part of the journey could not be undertaken by the steam trains because the gradient was too steep.

photo of Stephensons drum

The final picture, left, shows a view of the railway taken from the bottom of the Steep. This photograph was taken about 1900.

photo of Crich steep

If you have any information that you can add to any of these photographs or would like to contribute any photographs to the Archive, please contact us via the Editor and the CACN post box.

Brian Gibbons