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Keeping within the limit

30 mph sign

Motorists are advised by the police and the Institute of Advanced Motorists to engage third gear at the speed limit and to not exceed this gear until the 30 mph speed limit ends.

One of the most difficult speed limits to keep to is the 30 mph. It is so easy to gradually creep over the limit with possible fatal consequences. Obviously you also risk getting penalty points on your licence and substantial fines. These signs are used on significantly hazardous stretches of road.

How can you protect yourself and others in these zones?

  • You are far less likely to creep over the limit.
  • Slowing down (and acceleration) is more instant.
  • You have greater speed variety at hand without the need to change gear.
  • You are more likely to have both hands on the wheel in an emergency.


Motorists who receive this advice from the police have probably been �stopped� for speeding, fined and then chosen to attend the police road awareness course rather than receive penalty points.

Motorists who receive this advice as a part of an Advanced Driving Course are having much more fun!


No vehicles sign

Signs with red circles are mostly prohibitive BUT...can cyclists ignore this sign?

See the answer page to find out...