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Cromford Canal

The Cromford canal, built about 1790, at Whatstandwell forms part of the parish boundary. Sir Richard Arkwright was important in getting the project started. He wanted to use the canal to transport cotton from his Cromford Mills. The engineers were William Jessop and Benjamin Outram of Butterley Engineering. In 1792 Richard Arkwright died at the age of 60. He had done more than any other individual to get the canal started wanting it to carry his cotton and finished goods. He never got to see the route in operation. In the end, the canal mainly carried coal, iron and quarried stone rather than cotton but despite this, the waterway was always thought of as "Arkwright's canal".

Picture of the Cromford Canal

Walk along the Cromford Canal

  • Walk along the Cromford Canal
  • So beautiful a scene
  • Along the quiet and still water
  • So peaceful and serene
  • Teeming with various wildlife
  • Keeping discreetly out of harms way
  • Occasionally catch a glimpse
  • In the gentle light of day
  • Pass abundant trees and plants
  • And all the different bushes
  • A family of ducks go swimming by
  • See the moorhen in the rushes
  • Under dark dank bridges
  • Around each corner brings a smile
  • Ambling at a steady pace
  • With each step walk mile after mile
  • Nature in all its glory
  • As far as the eye can see
  • To walk along the Cromford Canal
  • What better place to be

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