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A common anxiety with some drivers who start their Advanced Driving is negotiating large roundabouts which have many exits � often onto motorways.

Correct positioning and understanding the order of the exit destination boards are extremely important. As a 'general rule' if you are on the inside lane and pass two exits you are incorrectly positioned and a potential hazard.

Roundabout information

M1 A38 junction roundabout signsA typical large roundabout leading onto a motorway with five main exits off and one minor road off. There are two no-exits which are where traffic leaving the motorway joins the roundabout.

Inside lane if you want exit 1 or 2

Outside lane for exit 3, 4 or 5

NB Road markings may indicate which lane you should take.

Exit destination boards

Travelling round the roundabout

M1 A38 junction roundabout signsThis exit is Chesterfield & Matlock.

M1 North is top of the board because it is the next exit. Mansfield is second exit and M1 South third exit. If you want M1 North you should start indicating left immediately after this exit.

M1 A38 junction roundabout signsThis exit is M1 North.

Notice the Mansfield exit has moved up and become the next exit. The Clay Cross exit has appeared. If you want Clay Cross then you should not be on the inside lane as there are two exits before yours.

M1 A38 junction roundabout signsMansfield exit.

The M1 South exit has moved up and become the next exit. The Chesterfield & Matlock exit has appeared at the bottom as the third exit from here. If you want Clay Cross you should be preparing to move across to the inside lane, signalling after the M1 South exit.

M1 A38 junction roundabout signsBack near where we entered the roundabout, the next exit is back to Clay Cross. Mirror, signal left, Move across if safe � be prepared for LUST on the inside of you. LUST is a driver who is either Lost, Unsure, Stupid or Timid and may be holding the inside lane incorrectly. Be understanding � we all have been that driver at some time!

Do not indicate left (the breakaway signal off the roundabout) until you have just passed the exit before yours. It is an important indicator. It informs the drivers waiting to enter the roundabout at the exit after yours that you are turning off and not a LUST.

You should always be able to see a short stretch of road between the front of your car and the rear of any car on the roundabout otherwise you are too close to be unable to stop safely in an emergency or see appropriate road markings.

Because the above is �general advice� there will always be exceptions!

Coming from Sainsbury down to the A38 roundabout on the way home to Crich. The A610 exit is the third exit (after Ripley and A38 Derby). The general advice is to be in outside lane on joining of the roundabout until you have passed the A38 Derby exit, to then indicate left and move across to the dedicated exit lane for the A610. BUT the Ripley and Derby exits are quite close together and the dedicated lane starts close to the Derby exit. So, nearly everyone occupies the inner lane when they want the A610 exit. Getting across can be �difficult�. Local knowledge shows that in this instance the inner lane is the safer bet. That said please be very understanding of drivers trying to move across in front of you � they are not necessarily in the wrong!

Smaller roundabouts

diagram of road position on roundaboutThe diagram shows road positioning and indicator use on smaller roundabouts Mirror Signal Position Speed (adjusted) Look (to go or stop).

Diagram ©Copyright Ideas4ADIs Ltd 2010.

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