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Crich village cross

Well suited

Did you know that each of the court cards represented an historical figure?

  • image of playing cardsSpades - King David
  • Hearts - Charlemagne
  • Clubs - Alexander, the Great
  • Diamonds - Julius Caesar
  • image of playing cardsSpades -Pallas (Warrior goddess equivalent to Athena)
  • Hearts - Judith (From the Book of Judith)
  • Clubs - Argine (obscure origin)
  • Diamonds - Rachel (Biblical mother of Joseph)
  • image of playing cardsSpades - Hector (Prince of Troy)
  • Hearts - La Hire (Comrade to Joan of Arc)
  • Clubs - Judas Maccabeus (Hero in the rebellion against the Syrians)
  • Diamonds - Ogier the Dane (Knight of Charlemagne)

The joker is an American innovation. Created for the card game of Euchre, it spread to Europe from America along with the spread of Poker.