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The Car's MOT'd - how about the driver?

It is generally agreed that drivers pick up bad habits as they progress through their driving careers. They also become unwittingly complacent � observing less and being generally less attentive. The IAM DriveCheck is designed to gauge a driver's current standard of performance and advise whether training is recommended.

Bad Habits

There are good reasons for drivers investing in an occasional DriveCheck, for example:

  • Driving conditions vary greatly year on year � not everybody can keep pace without assistance
  • People don�t have to be old to suffer deterioration in their faculties � eyesight can worsen without warning, hearing can become impaired for countless reasons and general judgement can wane as a result of ongoing stress and fatigue

DriveCheck costs �35 (currently discounted to �25) and takes a mere hour to undertake � a priceless investment if it helps to avoid mistakes in the future. If nothing else, it�s a way of buying peace of mind, especially for parents driving children, sports organisers driving teams, charity workers driving people to hospital etc � ie anybody with other people�s lives directly in their hands.

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