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Crich village cross
  • If

  • If we had done this, or if we had done that
  • If we had a dog instead of a cat
  • If we had gone out, or we had stayed in
  • If we drunk champagne instead of the gin
  • If we could have said the things that we mean
  • If says a lot, or so it would seem
  • If we had gone by air, or taken the car
  • If maybe we had walked to there � how far
  • If you hadn�t gone, why couldn�t you stay
  • If only you hadn�t been called away
  • If you could have told us the things that you knew
  • Then we wouldn�t feel the way that we do
  • If all that happens is to make us strong
  • Maybe if could tell us why we belong
  • If is a little big word with a curse
  • If is a word that makes you feel worse
  • If all the ifs were laid end to end
  • How far would we get before we go round the bend

Shirley Crosby, Whatstandwell