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What�s in a name?

photo of a gate

This is a photograph of mine taken in the snow on Crich Chase. �It is a view of the footpath from Chase Road over Top Hag. According to an old tythe map, �the footpath ran to, and beside, "Swine cote close".

In subsequent years it became known as "Swanny-coat Lane," but then changed to "the Chase" when new houses were built in the 1930s. Sadly, the Royal Mail, assisted by some residents, re-named it Chase Road.

I came across this evidence of Chase Road being called Swanney-coat in a drawn plan�amongst a neighbour's deeds. However, I have found no-one locally, even amongst older residents, who have ever heard of it. �Perhaps some readers may know of other local roads, lanes and paths that have undergone a name change over the years.

Maureen Griffiths