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Features from the Winter 2018 issue


The magazine and website will be changing in 2019, exciting times are ahead

A message from the new chairman

WWI Memorial Project

The project is now nearing completion after 4 year's work. Here is a report of the 1918 events.

Community Award for 2018

Who has won the award this year - they are fired with enthusiasm!

Crich Fitness fortnight

One person's view of the success of the events.

Fritchley Village Hall is in danger of closing

There is now a "Save Fritchley Hall" campaign group. This is their update.

The Stand Ball Run

The first time for this event in modern times - who won?

Crich Indoor Bowls Club

The club which meets at the Glebe has been going 20 years, pictures of past and present members.

Christmas lunch at the Glebe

The Glebe will be hosting a Christmas lunch on Tuesday December 18th.

An answer to the photo query in June

Paddy Cooke came up with all the information on the photo query in the last magazine,

Consumer Slot - what age?

How old do you have be to buy alcohol, chocolate liqueurs, knives and lottery tickets?

Day care has been taking place at the Glebe for 20 years

So what do you know about Day Care?

Crich well dressings - where has the money raised in the summer gone to?

Which local groups benefited?

A thank you from Bowmer Rough farm for the Christmas light donations

Last Christmas the farm put on their usual excellent lights display and collected money for charity.

Anther thank you, this time for Forever Stars

What is the "Forever Stars" charity? Money raised from a tea party.

Motoring advice

Thoughts and advice from Institute of Advanced Motorists magazine

A senior’s version of Facebook

You don't need a computer to interact with other people.

Crich Views ... Fact or Fiction ?

Can you see Skegness clock? Perhaps not but what can be seen?

Battle of Jutland 1916

Four of Crich’s seamen were involved in the battle.



Features Archive

Features from previous issues can be read in this archive