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A Brief History of Aaron and Charlotte(nee Coleman) STORER of CRICH, Derbyshire

by Alan Brigham, February 2008

Aaron was born 01.09.1816 in Crich. Parents were George & Hannah.

Siblings :- Abraham(30/11/1828), Hannah(7/4/1805), Harriot(14/3/1824), Isaac(13/10/1803), John(1811) Jacob(9/4/1820), Julia(24/5/1818), and Sarah(2/4/1815).

He died 09/04/1889(aged 73) Crich, of �apoplexy�. Reported by grandson John Coleman.

Charlotte was born 25/10/1810 in Selston Notts.

Parents were John & Sarah Coleman.

Siblings: there were 15.

She died 26/05/1891(aged 84, as shown on cert) Crich, of �senile decay�. Reported by Daniel Foulds (husband of Hannah).

Aaron & Charlotte married 31/07/1836, in Radford, Notts.

Children included John(1830 or 1833), Sarah(1837), George(1838), Hannah(1840), Thomas(1843) Harriott(1845), James(1847), Isaac(1851)

1841 Census shows them in Crich with John, Sarah, & Hannah. Aaron is a Labourer and Charlotte a Framework knitter.

1851 census shows them in Crich with their family(Hannah, Harriet, Sarah, Thomas). AS was shown as a Labourer. Hannah, as a Seamstress and Harriet & Sarah in Cotton Factory. Note Joseph Coleman is shown as a lodger, but is Charlotte�s son(see note below).

1860 marriage of Hannah. AS shown as Stone Setter

1861 census in Crich with family Harriet, Isaac. Also granddaughter Sarah(Hannah�s illegitimate daughter). AS as a foreman in Limestone Quarry. Harriet as a framework knitter.

1871 census with just granddaughter Sarah, in Cliffside area. AS still foreman in Limestone Quarry

1881 census as above (AS shown as foreman in Stone Quarry). Sarah now married to John Eyre Bower and in the house with their son John Charles

1891 census shows CS still at Cliffe Quarry and now joined by her eldest son John Coleman(!!)(stone Quarryman) and his son Isaac Coleman

Note�AS Will states he was a Foreman with the Clay Cross Company

Note-- AS and CS looked after their G/daughter Sarah until she married and left for Leicester

Note�Reference their son John. 1891 census shows him born in 1830 in Selston. AS would have been 14 and CS 20. As he was born in Selston , as was his mother, was he illegitimate ?? He is with the family in 1841(aged 8). 1851 census shows a �Joseph Coalman� (Enumerator�s errors?) Lodger aged 18 born in Selston . 1891 shows a transcription error (from Coleman by enumerator to Storer by transcriber). In 1861 he (a Coleman) is with his wife Mary and family in Crich (and he has named his 2nd son Aaron). Also in 1871(as Coalmen) with his family (and a daughter named Charlotte). In 1881 (as Colman) a widower with his family. Looks as though he was a Coleman, and born before Aaron and Charlotte met?

See below for AS� will. Note that 2/6d is �54 in 2004 value!! Suspect it was worth a lot more.

Aaron Storer made 09/03/1886 (he died 09/04/1889)
I give to my wife Charlotte Storer a weekly sum of 2 shillings and sixpence to be paid weekly during the term of her natural life, out of my real estate. After her demise all my real and personal estate shall be sold. The proceeds to be equally divided between Hannah Foulds of Plaistow Green(the wife of Daniel Foulds, Framework Knitter), my son Thomas Storer of Northwing Field(Blacksmith),my son Isaac Storer of Halefax(??)(Blacksmith) and Sarah Bower, the wife of John Bower now residing in Leicestershire.

I appoint my nephew Moses Storer of Aderwasley (schoolmaster) as my Executor.
Probate grant of 8.5.1889 confirms Moses Storer as Executor, Gross value of estate was �64.18.0 (�4930.92 2006 value)