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Letters Mar 18


Cupola Park.


In 2001 My wife and I decided to take an allotment. As only half a dozen or so were being worked out of the thirty at Whatstandwell allotments, we chose plots 13 and 14, both of these plots were well overgrown with brambles and weeds, however we were keen and managed to clear all of plot 14 and part of 13, picking the mature blackberries to freeze.

In 2002 a better plot became available, with fruit trees on it, so we moved to plots 9 and 10, we’ve worked these two plots ever since.

Plot 9 bordering the public footpath was choc-a-block with nettles, really strong stinging nettles, growing from the footpath end up to and into the fruit trees, taking up half the allotment. It took me some time to dig out all the nettles and rotovate, preparing for planting. This particular piece of ground has been cultivated every year since we took on this plot.

In September this year a friend of ours helping us to winter dig this particular piece of ground unearthed a small plastic bottle about one and a half inches long by half an inch diameter, When opened, it contained a “message in a bottle”, (no it was not a map with an X marks the site of the treasure), it was simply a message to the finder, (whoever finds this message it will make you happy). The message was also dated, 3.1.2000.

So it had been there on my allotment seventeen years, obviously thrown there by someone walking along the footpath. Two years before we took over that bit of garden. The message also contained a name and address. That of our Granddaughter.!!!


Robin Harvey





I have just read your article in issue 84 CACN.

I am aged 63. I have asked the surgery in the past whether I could have a flu jab at the surgery (and offering to pay) and was told that this was not possible.

So this year I had a flu jab at Crich chemist. The pharmacist took the time and trouble to determine that I was in fact eligible for a free flu jab, as my wife has a compromised immune system.

You attempted to use a business analogy in the article; my business experience tells me that the organisation that provides the best service tends to get the business.

Hopefully my visit to the chemist would have helped to pay for their staff salaries.

Barry Dimbleby


Ferguson Home

Cnr Cartton and Ranolf Streets,

Rotorua 2010 New Zealand


‘Tis many years now since this story had its beginning. 1940 and June. School children were being evacuated from the South coast of England, some to the beautiful county of Derbyshire. A special place we had not, as children, ever heard of. Six-year-old Pamela Sexton along with her junior class of Thorpe Bay School, Essex, were sent to the village of Crich. Pam and a wee local girl, Glenda Wright were to become very close friends at that time. The war ended and they were parted, those circumstances that interrupt our lives. So years passed and they lost touch.

Pam and I married in 1953 after I was discharged from National Service. We emigrated to New Zealand in 1956. Settled here, raised our family and built my business here. In 1976 Pam and I made a trip to UK, after visiting relatives, Pam suggested we should visit Crich where she had been evacuated to in WWII. Oft times Pam had made mention of her school days friend, Glenda Wright. Yes, we made it to Crich and asking in a shop in the Market Place (never expecting an answer), “Can you tell us if we can find Glenda Wright?”

“Yes,’’ the lady said, “She lives five doors down Market Place.”

So we met the now Mrs R. Felstead. We only had a short time together then but Pam and Glenda corresponded since that day.

Also our daughter and her husband were able to visit Glenda and Ron in 1999. To our great pleasure Glenda has sent to us the quarterly Crich Magazine with lovely stories of Derby County and countryside that is amongst the best in the world. Pam often felt she should write to the magazine. No, she never made it. Pam has died on 1st March 2017 and I thought I would write on her behalf.

Thank you Crich for being a part of our lives.

God Bless You,

John Mayhew

P.S. On page 3 of CACN Autumn 2017 your mention of Girl Guide Brownies. Congratulations!

My wife, Pam, was Brown Owl here in New Zealand for ten years. One day, Brown Owl had the wee Brownies at our house on a Girl Guide project. A little girl said to me. “Mr Mayhew today is my birthday.” I replied, “How lovely, a birthday on Saturday.” “I am eight!” she said. Her little friend said to me, “Mr Mayhew, she used to be seven.”
I felt you would appreciate that wee story.