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Letters Jun 18


Kathleen Blunt 09/10/1918 – 18/03/2018

Roger, Adrian, Marcus & Jeremy Blunt & their wives & families would like to offer our thanks to all Kathleen’s friends and neighbours and wider family for their kind wishes and comments upon the death or our mother and advise that £320 was raised in her memory to aid The Derbyshire,Leicestershire & Rutland Air Ambulance service.

Kind regards

Joy Blunt



Fritchley E.C.S. was an organisation in Fritchley before WW1 running evening classes. One class was in wood carving, run by Janet Mansel Jones, daughter of Riversdale Mansel Jones of Chase Cliffe. I don’t know whether there were any other classes but my grandfather attended the wood carving ones. Hence my interest and brief knowledge. I am guessing that ECS may stand for something like Evening Craft School but this is purely a guess and it may be something completely different. Does anyone have further information and knowledge of of what E.C.S stands for?

Stan Smith