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News from Crich Parish Council

Glebe Field Centre, Glebe Field Close, Crich, Derbyshire DE4 5EU

Tel: 01773 853928


Clerk: Clive Ludlam


Crich: Cllrs. Anstead, Bateman, Baugh, Broom, Collison, Smith and Yorke
Fritchley: Cllrs. Lane (Chair), Brown & Thorpe
Whatstandwell Ward: Cllrs. Clark (Vice-Chair) and Walsh


Clive Ludlam retired at the end of August after eleven years as Parish Clerk. We are really grateful to him for his great service to the Parish Council and to the community as a whole. We are pleased to welcome Mrs. Carolyn Jennings as our new Clerk and we hope that she will be very happy in her post.

The Crich Parish Neighbourhood Plan has been lodged with Amber Valley Borough Council who are now doing their 6–week consultation. The plan will then go to the independent examiner to approve or otherwise. Finally, there has to be a referendum of the whole parish when you will all get an opportunity to say whether you wish the plan to be adopted. For those of you who have not been involved with the production of the plan, it must seem like an inordinate length of time since we began the process, but that is because we have had to jump through many hoops to reach this stage. We on the Steering Group are extremely grateful to the community for your patience and for your support throughout the process.

For those who have not visited Crich Recreation Ground recently, I should like to draw attention to the path which has been laid around it, which makes it much more accessible to people with pushchairs and the like, and to the exercise equipment or “outdoor gym”. The Place Project still has a way to go to raise the balance needed for the new playground equipment and I thank them for their dedication and hard work.

Severn Trent Water has put another £25,000 into the Ambergate Reservoir Community Fund for local groups to bid for. By the time you read this, the awards will have been decided. We are very grateful to Severn Trent for supporting our community in this way.

The planning application to build houses on a greenfield site in Bowmer Lane, Fritchley has been refused, much to the relief of local residents who strongly objected to the proposal.

The development of Crich Parish Council’s own website is well under way and we expect it to go live very soon.


Margaret Lane
Chair of Crich Parish Council