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When an inspector calls!


Crich Church of England Infant School underwent an Ofsted inspection at the beginning of the autumn term.

The long-awaited phone call came on 18th September 2017. The school was given 24 hours’ notice of the inspection.

The two inspectors spent one day in school. They looked at all aspects of the school. They spent time talking to the Head Teacher, the staff, Governors and the children. As part of the inspection they looked at the children’s work and listened to them read, as well as spending time in the classrooms during teaching sessions.

The judgement of the inspection was that the school remains good in all aspects.

The inspection praised:

  • The family feel of our school as well as the strong relationships between the staff,
    pupils and their families.
  • The progress that our children make in all aspects of the curriculum.
  • The creative, bright and stimulating teaching environment both inside and outside.
  • The outstanding behaviour of all of our children during break times, lunch times and
    during teaching sessions.

activities at the school  more activities


plenty of food making  followed by exercise



Our children told the inspector that they enjoyed school and felt safe, and that they enjoyed Forest Schools and the opportunity to be able to learn to swim.

The Governors were praised for their knowledge of the school and actions for improvement. Well done everyone!

A full version of our Ofsted report can be found on the Ofsted website.