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We would like to say a very big thank you.


We had a wonderful response to our tea, coffee and cake afternoon on Wednesday September 27th at Wesley Chapel. When we originally planned the event we decided that any money raised would be split between the chapel roof fund and Macmillan, so we felt really pleased that so many people came to support us and we managed to raise an amazing £516.14. We have given £250 to the chapel roof fund, and £266.14 to Macmillan.

There was some really nice white elephant items left at the end of the afternoon, so we took them to give to the Treetops Hospice Shop, who were very grateful for the donation.

The afternoon was in memory of four of our friends, Ron Benford, Jack Pepper who always helped us to raise money for these two funds, and Margaret Stacy and Joan Lester who were members of Muddlealong. We miss them all.

We also have a cheque for £839.51 to go down to the Macmillan Unit at the Royal Derby Hospital. It is the final balance from our CHARBS account which we have now closed. It was money banked from previous fund raising events.

Remember you can come and join us at Muddlealong on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month at 2 pm in the Wesley Chapel Crich. You’ll be more than welcome.


Lynne Field