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Safeguarding Patient Care in the Crich Area


A much easier and more efficient way to book appointments



Just over 11% of patients use the electronic system for their repeat prescriptions, but many more who could use the system for booking appointments are not using it for that purpose. There are a number of advantages for patients who use this system.

If you ring up and ask the receptionist to read out possible dates and surgeries where the doctors are available, you then have limited information on the basis of which you have to make a quick decision. You are only aware of the dates the receptionist offers. If you access the online booking system, you have much more information available at your fingertips.

We have illustrated this in the screenshot below that shows the range of information you have: namely, the doctor, surgery location and times available over the next two weeks or so. Just click on the “view” tab and you have details of all the times available. I have found it extremely useful and would recommend it wholeheartedly to all patients who have online access, and it also saves the receptionists’ time

screen shot of avaiabe doctors' appointments


The other advantage of having online access (through a computer, tablet, or smart phone) is the ability to order a repeat prescription without having to phone the Practice and queue on the phones with the patients who are ringing up to make urgent appointments etc. By using online access you can save receptionist time at the Practice, but it also means you can book appointments or order repeat prescriptions 24 hours a day!

Please contact the surgery for details on how to register for online access.


Helping improve the wellbeing of local patients

The patients’ group are aware that there is no central point of information available to patients who wish, for the sake of their physical and mental health, to engage in healthrelated activities. For example, the doctor may advise that you should be taking more exercise for the sake of your health, or to take a Yoga or Tai Chi class to help improve your balance and stability, or for young mothers with small children where to find help and support.

At the moment there is no single place you can go to in order to find out what activities or support groups are available. As part of our mission to help improve patient health the CPPG intends to create such a list, and the Practice have agreed to make it available through the TV screens in the three surgeries. If you know of any such groups please send details to or put them in an envelope marked CPPG at the surgery.


Why it is important to have your flu jab at the surgery.


This year the flu jab clinics have been well supported. This is very important because the income from the flu jabs help provide the salaries of the nurses based at the practice. However, competition from the private sector has been intensifying. If you have your jab at a chemist who also provides NHS services, the income from your jab goes to the chemist, whereas if you had gone to the surgery the income would go to the practice. In many respects the practice is a business, and has to fund the nurses from its budget. The more people choose to have their jabs at the chemist, the smaller the income to our practice and the fewer nursing services it can provide. As a patient group we cannot stress this enough as we seek to help maintain the high level of service our practice provides.


Is there a need for a Carers’ Support Group in Crich?


In Crich 39% of patients report a responsibility for caring compared with a figure of 6% for the country as a whole. In view of this the Patient Group felt that we might need to help establish a Carers’ Support Group. We already have a specialist who provides advice to carers at her monthly clinic but if you feel such a local support group would be useful please contact or put a note in an envelope marked CPPG at the surgery.


If you wish to join us in these activities you will be very welcome. We are always looking for new members.
David Ashton, Paul Devlin and Frances James
Crich Patient Participation Group.

01773 857334