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As I write this update, I’m hoping that we will soon be able to place the order for the play equipment! We are very close to having the funding in place and seeing the dream of a new and exciting recreation ground become reality.

Many people have worked hard on the project and massive thanks are due to Crich Parish Council and Veolia Environmental Trust, along with others who have made muchneeded donations. We will publish a list of donors when the project is complete and acknowledge our deepest appreciation to them all.

We continue to raise funds as we still want to create an area with a number of benches, as a place to sit, relax and maybe remember loved ones. We also want to carry out landscaping, create a ‘wild play area’ and install a sculpture that reflects our parish, past and present.

Following local consultations we have recently redesigned the layout of the equipment and are also deciding on the locations for memory benches. It’s not too late; if you want to buy a bench in memory of a loved one please do get in touch.

When the project is complete we will be holding an opening event, and I know Phil Dolby and the fête committee will help us stage a day to remember.


Paul Yorke,
Chair The PLACE Project

Tel 07968386807 or email -

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