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Poacher 2017


July and August saw the Scouts and Explorers cross the mighty River Trent to join nearly 6000 other Scouts and Guides from around the world at Poacher 2017 - the international jamboree organised by Lincolnshire Scouts and Guides.


Scouts and Exporers at the Poacher 2017 Jamboree held in Lincolnshire


The jamboree was themed 'Legends' and comprised five sub-camps: Movie Legends, Story Book Legends, Comic Book Legends, Historical Legends and Rock Legends. We chose Comic Book, which gave the opportunity to try out some fantastic fancy dress outfits, from Banana Man to the Incredible Hulk. It also gave us the chance to base our camp gateway on the New York skyline - complete with the Empire State Building, Spider Man's web and King Kong. Quite fitting that our model of one of the most famous tall buildings should have been in the shadow of another - Lincoln Minster (the world''s tallest building for nearly 250 years) - and it lit up at night. It was solar powered, of course - no electric hook-ups on a Scout camp.

Being in Lincolnshire, we were also in the shadow of some amazing aviation. Imagine the sight of a Spitfire flying display (solely for those at the jamboree) complete with loops and barrel roll, or the Red Arrows in formation, because they happened to practicing over their airbase, which was next door.

A Scout camp is not a Scout camp without adventure and the opportunity to learn new skills - and there was an amazing variety available. The Scouts were keen to try it all - everything from high ropes, trapeze, abseiling, water sports, tomahawk throwing, African drumming, circus skills and BMX cycling. One of the Scouts accepted the leader's challenge of learning to SCUBA dive, and one of the highlights was when three of the older Scouts and Explorers managed to get the chance to go gliding. They even had the opportunity to take over the controls.

Poacher was a massive opportunity for the Scouts to appreciate that Scouting does not only happen in Crich or in Derbyshire. Camping next to us was a Group from near Edinburgh, and next to them were Scouts from France, Belgium and the Middle East.

Central to the camp was the Poacher Challenge - encouraging both Scouts (and leaders) to learn about the world, broaden horizons and make new Scouting friends.

The week ended with a huge closing ceremony featuring the dance group Diversity and fireworks. Nearly forgot to add that Bear Grylls, the Chief Scout, dropped by to speak to the Scouts. His stunt was a backflip from a high tower onto a rather large airbag.

Thanks Mark and Richard for all the camp planning, preparation and sheer hard work.


Cubs in Sherwood Forest - and more


There were plenty of activities for the Cubs at their camp at the Robin Hood campsite in Sherwood ForestThe Cubs didn't quite make it as far as the River Trent - but they weren't far off. They had a camp at the Robin Hood campsite in Sherwood Forest with members from Lea and Holloway - some of the Crich Scouts went too. As always, Bill arranged some amazing activities, including shelter building, slack lining and archery. During Pack meetings the Cubs have been making their own kites - in order to better understand the laws of aerodynamics and the importance of the centre of pressure - and, with the help of the young leaders, have been learning some dance moves.



Wind and Water


If you have been hiking around Carsington Water in the summer you may well have seen Crich Cubs, Scouts and Explorers out on the water. Twelve of them have enrolled on a six-week RYA sailing course run by the Derbyshire Scouts Sailing Club. The club is an amazing voluntary organisation set up solely to help young people in Scouting learn sailing. The club is based at the sailing club at Carsington, and is able to use some of their great facilities - but it has its own boats and equipment, and team of qualified instructors.

It was not an easy challenge having to learn so much over the six weeks: how to rig a boat, the sailing vocabulary, the points of sail, and what to do if you capsize. However, it would be fair to say they all had a great adventure - and ended up with a new set of skills.

Thanks go especially to Mike, Joe and the rest of the team at Derbyshire Scouts Sailing Club.


Silver award


one of the Cubs completed her top award, the Chief Scout's Silver Award, and Bill invited Holly, the local commissioner for Cubs, to present her certificate and badge.We are always impressed when a young member achieves the top award for their Section - it is a demonstration of commitment, hard work and a willingness to learn new skills. Last term one of the Cubs completed her top award, the Chief Scout's Silver Award, and Bill invited Holly, the local commissioner for Cubs, to present her certificate and badge.

Well done!








The Scout Group is run entirely by volunteers for the benefit of young people in the village and surrounding area. We are always in need of additional help - not just leaders and helpers, but also assistance with administration and the maintenance of the hut and grounds. If you would like to help, please give one of us a call.

Beaver Scouts: Justin 01773 857908
Cub Scouts: Nigel 01773 853707
Scouts: Mark 01773 850201