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Social Events 2017


9 December – Christmas Social at the Family Tree - Children's party at 4pm and evening carols and music from 7pm

18 December – Village Carol Concert in Crich Carr School - doors open 6.30pm


Committee Meetings 2018 – The Family Tree at 7.30 pm


10 January, 11 April, 23 May, 4 July, 8 August, 3 October, 14 November

If you are interested in joining the committee or would like to help out with the events then please come along or contact us via the website.


Whatstandwell Open Gardens Report


Many thanks to all who helped, and to those who took the time out to visit. A good day was had by all, with gardens looking lovely in the fine weather, cream teas to be enjoyed, and interesting plants and books to buy together with musical diversions from the Crich Community Choir at one garden and ukulele ensemble at another!

The Social Club were able to make a £600 donation to the Glebe Daycare Centre.

Here’s to next year! It’s looking like July again, but check our website nearer the time.


Crafts and Produce Show Report


The Whatstandwell annual Craft and Produce show went off very successfully again this year. With a grand selection of cakes and biscuits, preserves, fruit and vegetables entered, together with some very colourful floral displays, an interesting range of photos and a charming collection of garden dioramas in the children’s section. (These were particularly welcome in an age where children’s creative talents seem to be expressed more in their abilities to manipulate buttons on some sort of electronic gizmo.

Once the judges had made their decisions and the prizes had been duly awarded, it was time to auction off the edible and decorative entries. With our regular auctioneer away on holiday, in stepped Ady Green who succeeded in whipping the prospective purchasers into a bidding frenzy. In their pursuit of quality produce bidders were swept along on a wave of wanton expenditure. Why, even the author’s own spouse could barely be restrained from parting with the entire weekly shopping allowance on what can only be described as luxury items. Such was the enthusiasm that one particular bidder, arriving hastily and late to the proceedings, made a remarkably high (and successful) bid for a lot that he had not even seen. Well done, sir!

Many thanks to all who took part, either as organisers, entrants or bidders, without whom there would be no Show. Also of course, a big thanks to Mick and Christine at the Family Tree for hosting the event.

We all look forward to “raising the bar” at next year’s show, perhaps with the reintroduction of a Crafts section as in
previous years.


The Crich Carr carol concert is on Monday 18th December and the Whatstandwell Winter Gathering is on the 9th December