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This is a short update about the work of the Crich Area Dementia Friends’ group, the working party affiliated to the Crich Patients’ Participation Group.

There have been some significant developments since the last edition of CACN. The music therapy sessions have started at the Crich Wesleyan Chapel. They are held every month at 2.00 p.m. on the second Friday of every month. The sessions are led by Scott and Brian, two talented and experienced musicians, who have proved to be very popular. Following the music, tea and cakes are served and there is a chance to socialise. We are immensely grateful to Scott and Brian and Heather Johnson and everyone else at the Chapel who are such welcoming and generous hosts. Please spread the word about these events, if you know anyone who might enjoy them.

The first edition of the Crich Area Friends’ newsletter has been published and delivered to households throughout the area. We have received some positive feedback about the newsletter; the aim is to publish four a year.

We have been awarded £1,000 from the Central England Cooperative to support our work. The Co-op has a strong commitment to supporting people with dementia and their families and friends. Staff in their Ripley and Belper branches will shortly be receiving training to enable them to be as supportive as possible when people with dementia visit the stores.

In planning we have a number of other activities – offering training for our local service providers and shops, as well as establishing a Fit Club, providing a range of sporting activities for people to try and, we hope, enjoy. There is also to be a sponsored walk, later in the summer, to raise awareness of dementia and also provide more funding to take the work forward.

We are always grateful for any suggestions about the newsletter or any other aspect of our work. Please get in touch if you have any ideas or comments.

Frances James

01773 852692