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As a Governor of Crich Infants school it is my privilege to get a good insight into the workings of this lovely village school. A quick peep into the school reveals a fascinating array of displays and areas which are set up to help the children’s learning in such creative ways that learning really is fun! A longer stay reveals the hard work that goes into helping the children grow in confidence in their literacy, numeracy, art, social skills and so much more. Here we have a peep into just a little of what was happening in this busy school recently.

it was great to get up close to an owlDuring the spring term there has been lots going on with the animal theme running through.

Woody’s Wings, a charity which looks after and re-homes captive bred birds came into school with a selection of their feathered friends giving the children the experience of seeing and handling some of their owls and parrots in the safety of the classroom.





a minibeast held by one of the pupilsFrom birds of prey to the beasts of rather smaller portions the children again were up close to very different animals or ‘minibeasts!








French stick serpents – a novel and delicious way of enjoying a sandwich.There was lots of fun in seeing and holding this variety of smaller animals but also some serious learning helping the children to think carefully about how best to look after these animals and how they are an important part of our environment which we must take care of both for ourselves and for the future. This minibeast adventure continued as the children tucked into a maxibeast of a feast!




the PTA provided a lovely banquet


What an amazing PTA providing such a banquet.


No animal adventure would be complete without an expedition to Twycross Zoo. It may not have been sunny but there were plenty of smiles as the children enjoyed seeing the variety of animals at the zoo.

The giraffes making sure they are in the picture too.

So, much learning about animals has taken place but of course it doesn’t stop there. The children were encouraged to see the wider world of people too as they talked about how they are global citizens. They were invited to make donations to the Red Nose charity and attended school in their own clothes or costumes.


the giraffes couldn't resist getting into the photo    the flamingoes were busy feeding as the pupils looked on


This is just a tiny insight into the small but busy school in which we enjoy being part of our village community.


Lynn Penson