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Since our last edition of the CACN magazine we’ve had a bit of a letter/email theme going on at the Junior School. It started with a letter from the Right Honourable Nick Gibb MP, who is the Minister of State for School Standards. He was writing to congratulate us for being in the top 1% of Primary Schools in England for attainment in reading and maths –

WOW – what an achievement!

In keeping with this year’s theme on America, we’ve had a Detroit Activity Day.


Detroit Activity day


Our activities for the day included Motown music and dance (a favourite with staff re-living their youth), a car assembly production line (bringing back memories of the pea factory for Mr. Orridge), researching inspirational facts about Detroitians and producing artwork based on a contemporary artist based in Detroit.

Our collaborative piece of work included geometric stars on a ‘star spangled banner’We used Franklin Jonas and his ‘Star Project’ as our art inspiration. He made hundreds of stars from sheet metal, which had geometric, symmetrical and very colourful designs painted on them using only straight lines. The stars have been exhibited together in galleries on huge white backgrounds to spectacular effect. Our collaborative piece of work included geometric stars on a ‘star spangled banner’.

We decided it would be a good idea to email Franklin Jonas and tell him about the work that we had been doing and how he had inspired us:

Dear Mr. Jonas,

Our school, Crich Junior school, which is in the heart of Derbyshire in the UK, had an amazing activity day based on Detroit where you live.

The activities included dancing to Motown music, the car industry, inspirational people from Detroit and the work of a Detroit artist…you!

We planned a huge American flag and made lots of stars inspired by the ones that you made for your ‘Star Project’. We used these stars to stick on our flag to make our ‘Star Spangled Banner’. Everyone’s stars looked wonderful. Each one was different and we were careful only to use straight lines. We do apologise that there are not the correct number of stars on the flag (artistic license!). We hope that you like looking at the attached photos. Thank you for taking the time to read our email.

From Tilda, Isla, Ted and Izabela.

(Creative Arts Leaders)

We were thrilled to receive his reply within hours:


Dear students of Crich Junior School,

I have just read your wonderful email and viewed the images of the artwork you created. You have all done an amazing job! Well done!

I can’t wait to show all of my fellow Detroit artists what you have made.

I thank you for taking the time to follow my work. Keep making artwork. Never stop being creative.

I thank you and so does the city of Detroit!

Your friend in Art.

Franklin Jonas




The school has really enjoyed studying the Quaker faith this year. We have been learning in particular about the Quakers of Fritchley including how they left for America in the early 1900s. We have visited the Quaker meeting house and had the experience of quiet reflection.

Dear Jill,

We are writing to thank you for hosting us on our Quaker Meeting House visit on Wednesday 8th March – we really enjoyed our visit.

It was fascinating to learn about the history of Quakers, especially those who lived locally. John Sargent in particular sounded like he had a very interesting life. We have gained lots of knowledge on the Friends Ambulance Service, as we didn’t know that the Quakers helped in the wars, as we knew that lots got sent to jail for not signing up to fight. Learning about the conscientious objectors was also interesting – we didn’t know for example that they were made to walk all the way to Derby jail.

From what we learned, the Quakers seem to value very important things, as they vow to live simply and peacefully, care for the environment and treat all people equally. We think the world would be a better place if everyone had these beliefs!

Thank you again for having us (and sorry about the mud on the doorstep!)

Yours sincerely,

Isla and Ollie (Y6)


This is our reflection on ingredients for a Happy Family:
Recipe for the Happy Family


A barrel of love
A museum full of thoughtfulness
A cup of fun
A boatful of honesty
A dollop of friendship
A bucket of kindness
A shoe full of caring
A water bottle full of sharing


First of all, melt the kindness in the microwave until sticky. This is the sauce. Mash the honesty and friendship smoothly until nice and creamy. This will be your filling. Peel and chop the fun ferociously.

Fry the thoughtfulness until crispy, meanwhile bake the caring in the oven for 15 minutes.

Put the love and sharing in a bowl and mix together vigorously.

Combine all the ingredients together and pour the sauce over the top and season with the love and sharing.

This is your meal. ENJOY!

Poppy (Year 4)


French Internship Request


Elodie, a French student who joined the school for a month as an internshipA few months ago Mrs. Julian had an unusual email. It was from a French Student in her second year studying for a degree in Education in Angers. She was requesting an internship at our school for a month.

It turned out to be a fun filled month with Elodie. Elodie lived with three school families getting a taste of Derbyshire – Zumba classes – she was always exhausted; pulling pints at Matlock Rugby Club and getting a taste for ‘Snakebites’ (sounds revolting); getting off the bus in Stockport rather than Manchester when meeting friends; discovering a love of Toffee Crisps – most shops in the area sold out whilst she was here!

One of the highlights during the month was our French Activity Day. The night before, Elodie used every bowl in Mrs Julian’s kitchen to make chocolate mousse for seventy pupils plus staff. The chocolate bill alone came to £27! – but it was worth every penny. This is her recipe for six people:

Mousse Au Chocolat – Ingredients

250g chocolate
100g butter
4 egg yolks
6 egg whites
40g caster sugar


  1. Separate the egg whites and yolks into 2 bowls.
  2. Melt the chocolate in the microwave for 2 minutes.
  3. Mix the egg yolks into the melted chocolate.
  4. Whisk the egg whites, adding the sugar one spoonful at a time.
  5. Fold the egg white mixture in to the chocolate mixture.
  6. Chill for at least 2 hours.
  7. Treat yourself!

Back to the Activity Day. Food was still high on the agenda. We tasted French cheese and made garlic bread and had a French inspired school lunch. We studied the life and designs of Coco Chanel and she inspired us to design our own perfume and aftershaves.

a design for a new aftershave A fragrance so strong that you can feel the lava rising through you…so strong that you will cry tears of SPICE!Open the bottle if you dare! Christopher (Y3)





a design for a new perfume



This playful blend of rose and pollen will not only attract nature but also the man of your dreams! Amelie (Y5)






Noel's travel brochure for the Vendée in FranceElodie told us about life in the Vendée region of France where she lives. We remembered our own local connection with the Vendée – Ellen MacArthur from Whatstandwell, who was the youngest Yachts person to complete the Vendée Globe in 2001. Elodie has tempted us with wanting to go on holiday to Vendée. Noel’s travel brochure is shown here.















We ended the day by raising the Vendée Flag.The Vendée flag




I’m a French girl who is studying to be a teacher. I had the chance to do an internship in this very great school! It was very interesting for me to compare an English and a French school because they are very different. In a French school, we don’t cook or garden so I would like to do this in France. I was surprised on the first day by the small number of pupils per class and the assistance to help every child. I really enjoyed discovering your teaching methods as well as your culture (especially the food!)Moreover, during the French Activity Day the children also discovered about my culture: dégustation of cheese, biscuits, chocolate mousse, what it is like in a French school and in Vendée (where I live), ….. It was a great and interesting experience!

I will go back to France with a lot of good memories!