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Popalong CHIKS (Children’s Home In Kenya Support)


First, thank you to all who came to the Fishpond Choir concert on April 1st, in aid of CHIKS. It was a wonderful evening with the Glebe full of people enjoying this amazing and vibrant choir, the first half of the programme being songs from southern Africa.

Because of the generosity of the choir and audience, over £1100 was raised. This amount is vital for us in supplementing the amount that our valuable regular donors contribute, so that we have enough to pay for the school fees and food for the fifteen youngsters we are presently supporting in Aduwa, West Kenya. As well as this, we also pay a small salary to our worker in Aduwa, Elijah, and petrol for his motorbike. So as well as these overheads, it actually costs a total of £697 a year for one youngster at secondary school, and £547 a year for one primary school child. We need more regular donors in order to maintain this level of support to these youngsters.

a guardian tending goats which were supplied by CHIKSWe are enabling our eleven guardians, mostly widows, to survive poverty, and they are working together on their agriculture. They are also raising their goats, given by CHIKS, all of which became pregnant; and three have already given birth to a healthy kid (see photo). This is in spite of the terrible drought eastern Africa has been through with no rain since June last year. The welcome rains came to Aduwa area in March this year. The ground has been prepared and seeds sown. The hope is that the rain will not become too torrential and destroy the young plants.



some of the village children in their new school uniformsOur youngsters have all had a deprived beginning in life, with parents dying when they were a few years old, and grandparents or other relatives either mistreating them or unable to afford their basic survival. They are blessed that Mama Jael took them into her home, when they were very young and now most of them are taking advantage of their education and doing well. The photo shows some of them in their new school uniforms last September.



Fundraising event coming up

July 1st evening: Soiree at Crich Junior School with local musicians and school children



Justin Mansfield 07917 117 091

Lynda Gray: 01773 857921

Deirdre Offord 01773 853722

Heather Johnson 01773 856212

Christine Bryan 01773 853395


Our partners in Aduwa are Hope Initiative Kenya, and their website address is