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Whatstandwell open gardens Sunday July 23rd


Whatstandwell Open Gardens 2017.


This annual event will be held on Sunday 23rd July this year. It is as usual being organised by the Whatstandwell Social Club and the proceeds this time will go to the ‘Day Care at the Glebe’ charity. This is a very local organisation that provides daycare for the elderly and socially isolated in the Amber Valley.

Previous visitors have said what a pleasurable afternoon out it is and interesting to see what the gardeners have managed to do with their often steeply sloping sites. The list of gardens is not completely finalised at the time of writing but there may be one or two differences from earlier years, giving the chance to visit previously unopened gardens. So whether or not you have been before, why not spend a few hours looking round? Always interesting for ideas whether it be for plants, landscaping or growing your own fruit and veg.

All gardens will be clearly marked with tickets available from the Family Tree that is situated at the bottom of the village right by the A6 bridge over the Derwent. There will be plant sales and refreshments available.
Parking is available at the train station, next to the canal bridge or at the Family Tree for their customers. The gardens are best viewed on foot by taking a stroll around the village following the map that is supplied with the admission fee of £4.


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