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We are now well on into the New Year. You and I (if the event has not already happened or death does not prevent it happening) will add another year to our age. And this all begins to get a bit more serious for some of us.

The reminders are everywhere. It happens every time we need to prove who we are – that troubling ‘date of birth’ we get asked for. They are always asking it. At the Doctor’s Surgery. Perhaps your bank does it to you. And when you fill in applications online, where the drop-down menu offers you the choices for your ‘year of birth’ and you scroll down to find it. ‘Scroll down’ is the operative phrase. Down and down the list you travel, your index finger riveted to the left-click button on the mouse while you are forced to go further and further back in time to find the year that applies to you. You pass through the 90s, the 80s, the 70s….well, we have gone quite far enough with this! The ‘math’ gets more and more challenging as the numbers we have to deal with get bigger and bigger with each passing year. All of us are getting no younger.

Where have those years gone? What have we done with them? They seem to have passed so quickly. Yet what lasting impression have they made on us – or anyone else, come to that? It can all be quite sobering.

If you are a Christian, something of the sting of this is removed. We have eternity before us. And the prospect is exciting. There will be so much to do, so much to experience. ‘Age will not weary us’ in heaven. Years will pass without us losing anything. In fact, if we are already tuned in to what it will be like, we realise the longer the time we spend there, the more fulfilled as people we will become. The passing of the years means that a good thing just gets better and better.

But that’s the future as I would reckon it from the Bible and the promises of the Son of God, underwritten with the copperbottomed guarantee of His resurrection.

What then of our days now? Can there be something more for us, something to ease the passing of the years?

The Christian faith does not offer us a prison sentence or an exquisite act of intellectual suicide. It calls us to repentance, to a radical reappraisal of ourselves in the light of holy God. The cross communicates to us the willingness of a righteous God to forgive us our sin and bring us into a meaningful, life-changing encounter with His grace. The body may be ageing, but the soul is being renewed day by day in this scenario. There is always fresh discovery and a dynamic pathway towards holiness. ‘Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good.’

So do not let the passing years bring sadness and grief. Invest in the future, invest in spiritual realities. There, it is the date of your new birth that counts for everything.


Services are held every week as follows -

Sunday Services

10.45 a.m. & 6.00 p.m.

Tuesday Prayer Meeting

7.45 p.m.

Thursday Bible Study

7.45 p.m.



Sunday School

Our Sunday School takes place during the Morning Service and if you would like your children to come, they would be welcome at the beginning of the service at 10.45 a.m. when the Pastor gives a Children’s Talk. The Sunday School itself begins at 11.15 a.m. and takes place in the School Room at the rear of the church, which can be found by going down the drive between the shop and the church.

Seekers Club

Most Thursdays we hold a club for young people of Primary School age. There are Bible teachings, games, crafts, quizzes and other activities. The times for those aged 5–7 (Infants) is 5–6 p.m. and for those aged 8 and above (Juniors/Seniors) is 6–7 p.m.

For more details about the Sunday School and the Seekers Club, contact the Pastor on (01773) 853180.


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