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The new Live & Local season is now well under way, with a wide range of professional shows being performed throughout Derbyshire, and neighbouring counties. For more details, go to

Crich and Holloway will be putting on five acts between February and May. Tickets for all shows can be booked now by contacting the appropriate promoter (see end of article), or online for Crich.


Saturday 11th March 2017

The Glebe Field Centre, Crich

I Wish Her Well


Panta Rei Danseteater will be performing their dances at The Glebe on 11th MarchStunning contemporary dance from Panta Rei Danseteater, one of Norway’s leading companies.

The dancers draw upon their own personal memories and conversations to tell their stories in this physical performance, which combines powerful individual movement with a remarkable collective flow.

With four female dancers, a collection of stories, several hour glasses, and a huge mirror, “I Wish Her Well” is a high-tempo and high-energy show from leading Oslo-based contemporary dance company Panta Rei Danseteater. This is an intricate performance, combining storytelling, strength and femininity, underpinned by an evocative sound score by British composer Nathaniel Reed that infuses the performance with melody and atmosphere.

A captivating production full of charm and playfulness, Act One is based on the stories of four women who are closely related to the dancers, whilst Act Two is based on the diaries of a 16-year-old girl. Now an 82-year-old woman, she generously shared her thoughts and experiences with the choreographer and dancers.

We are organising a free dance workshop for Y5 and Y6 children in the parish. Please see separate article. Suitable for those aged 5 and over.

Saturday 1st April 2017

Florence Nightingale Hall, Holloway

Quilter and the Ghost


Two hugely talented performers ‘weave’ the tale of recluse hoarder Quilter and her Ghost at The Florence Nightingale Hall on April 1stThe stories of fascinating bold and brave women of history come to life in this sensitive and charming production by an award-winning, innovative musical-theatre company.

Two hugely talented performers ‘weave’ the tale of recluse hoarder Quilter and her Ghost, who together have collected stories over many, many years in their big old echoing house. Every room is filled with whispers, except for one locked and silent room, which no one ever enters.

When a woman from the council arrives, Quilter is confronted with the prospect of losing her home and her stories for good. A battle begins to save the stories from the skip, and finally, the silent room reveals its secret...

Playfully using the cluttered space around them, and using an elaborate mix of projections and live and recorded music, the lives of strong, inspiring women ranging from Emily Davison, Emily Brontë and nautical hero Grace Darling, to the fondly-remembered grandmother whose crowning achievement was her unforgettable quince jam, are recreated, retold and celebrated with care and delight.

And at the back of the stage a patchwork quilt hangs, stitched together from the memories of the people of Nottinghamshire collected at ‘Story-Gatherings’ held all around the county. Each gathered story is detailed on a patch and sewn into the quilt. Each fragment of fabric a remembered life…

Suitable for those aged 10 and over.



Sunday 9th April 2017

The Glebe Field Centre, Crich

“The Remi Harris Trio”.


the Remi Harris trio will be performing at the Glebe on April 9thA welcome return to Crich of one of the UK’s hottest jazz guitar talents, Remi Harris, together with double bass player Mike Green and fellow guitarist Caley Groves.

Fresh from smashing it at the Montreal Jazz Festival, and appearing at the 2016 Proms supporting Jamie Cullen, we are delighted to bring this amazing trio and their wonderful jazz, blues and rock influenced music back to Crich.

The group’s style is gypsy jazz and they really capture the genre’s relaxed virtuosity. Weaving prodigious technique with quiet charisma, wit and imagination, you only have to hear a few bars to realise that Remi is a virtuoso, his delightfully refreshing approach bringing a smile to the face. When this man plays, everyone stops talking and listens.

Their set offers a wide variety of music with something for everyone. You are as likely to hear unusual adaptations of tracks by the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix and Remi himself, as you are by Django Reinhardt and other jazz standards.

Suitable for those aged 10 and over.


Saturday 6th May 2017

Florence Nightingale Hall, Holloway

“Latin Flavours”.


Sonrisa will be perfroming their Latin Flavours music at the Nightingale hall on May 6thSonrisa (‘smile’ in Spanish) play an infectiously uplifting blend of gypsy, latin and flamenco grooves, spiced with Arabic, Cuban and Brazilian flavours. The band tours extensively, and brings a ray of sunshine to prestigious venues and festivals throughout the land.

This sizzling five-piece band weaves rich rhythms, infectious beats, superb vocals and some slinky Latin dancing into an incredible sun-soaked show. Their performance is warm, vibrant and toe-tappingly infectious. It’s great dance music (you can listen to); a wall-to-wall musical delight!

Suitable for those aged 8 and over.



Saturday 13th May 2017

The Glebe Field Centre, Crich

“Call Mr Robeson. A Life with Songs”.


Written and Performed by Tayo Aluko, with live piano accompaniment.

They say I’m meddling in the foreign affairs of the United States Government. Now, that’s too bad, ’cause I’m going to have to continue to meddle...”

Tayo Aluko tells the rollercoaster life of Paul Robeson at the Glebe on 13th MayPaul Robeson is a world-famous actor, singer and civil rights campaigner. When, over the years, he gets progressively too radical and outspoken for the establishment’s liking, he is branded a traitor to his country, harassed, and denied opportunities to perform or travel. Just as physical, emotional and mental stress threaten to push him over the fine line between genius and madness, he is summoned to appear before the House Un-American Activities Committee, to give the most difficult and important performance of his career.

This roller-coaster journey through Robeson’s remarkable and eventful life highlights how his pioneering and heroic (but largely forgotten) political activism led many to describe him as the forerunner of the civil rights movement. It features much fiery oratory and some of his famous songs, including a dramatic rendition of Ol’ Man River.

Tayo Aluko revives one of the twentieth century’s most impressive but overlooked figures in this powerful, compelling tour-de-force performance, which has been widely seen around the world, including at New York’s Carnegie Hall, and in London’s West End.

Suitable for those aged 10 and over.


If you would like to get involved and help in any way, then please contact either of the promoters (details below).


The Live & Local promoter for Crich is David Lane. His contact details are:, or phone 01773 853260


The Live & Local promoter for Holloway is Dave Carless. His contact details are: or 01773 856545


Live & Local is a scheme run as part of the National Rural Touring Forum specifically for the counties of Derbyshire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire and Worcestershire. Its aim is to promote the appearance of top quality professional performers and musicians in small intimate rural locations, accessible to as wide a range of the community as possible. Subsidies negotiated by Live and Local with Arts Council England, Derbyshire County Council, and Amber Valley Borough Council mean we can bring top quality professional shows to Crich & Holloway at an affordable price