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Safeguarding Patient Care in the Crich Area


New Help Available for Local Carers


Carers give up time and health to make sure that others are well and cared for. We do not know how many there are in the Crich area, but nationally there are 6.5 million people who have a significant caring role for another person. Many do not know that there is help available for carers who are supporting relatives and friends locally. This help is delivered through Carers Assessment Workers who support carers with the pressures they face in their day-to-day lives. They provide advice, information and practical support and links to other organisations that provide specialized support.

Using this service, many people have found that they are eligible for benefits which they had no idea about – for example, the chance to access a one-off payment via the carers budget scheme. This has helped people to have a short break away or have help with an aspect of their wellness, such as gym membership or purchasing a one-off item to help at home.

This help is available through the Carers Clinic at the Crich Surgery to anyone over the age of eighteen caring for another adult in the Derbyshire area. It provides an opportunity for carers to discuss their health and well-being and what support they may need and how to access further support. The Carers Assessment takes about an hour to complete and covers areas of their life which may be affected by their caring role, such as their health, ability to work or retire, and allows the carer to register as a carer and have an emergency card for contacting help should anything happen to the main care giver.

This is an award-winning scheme nationally recognized for innovation in finding and working to support people caring for relatives and friends across Amber Valley and Derbyshire. However, initial funding for it is only available until March 2017, so if it is to continue it must be used by as many carers as possible. If you are giving care to someone who cannot manage without your help, please get in touch with the Crich surgery to book an appointment, or call Derbyshire Carers Association 01773743355 to find out more about how to get some support while caring.

Alternatively if you know a carer please pass on this information to them so they have the opportunity of accessing this help.


Good News from the Practice


In the last newsletter we explained the importance of obtaining your flu jabs from the practice, as the funds it brings in are crucial to maintaining the level of nursing services provided to the community. We are very pleased to announce that the community has responded well, and that the practice has hit its target and the income required to help maintain the nursing services has been secured. This is contrast to some other local practices that have failed to meet their targets and thereby lost significant income. Our thanks to those who have responded so positively.

The practice is aware of the continuing problems with the phone, which, by the time this item is published, they are hoping to have been resolved, along the lines described in the last newsletter. Also in the last edition we mentioned that the practice had achieved a “good” rating from the Care Quality Commission inspection. Having now read the report by the QCC it is clear that the practice achieved a “good” rating for all areas, in terms of being safe, caring, effective, responsive to people’s need and well-led. In addition, they were rated “good” for all the various population groups such as working age people, families and young people, while for the care of the elderly, and their ability to be responsive to patients with long-term conditions, the practice was rated as “outstanding”. Nationally, it is rare to achieve such a consistent rating over all aspects of performance, not to mention the areas where they are outstanding.

David Ashton
Chair, Crich Patients’ Participation Group
01773 857334