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The PLACE Project


We continue to focus on fund raising to help transform the current recreation ground.

We are all now acutely aware that with current planning consents Crich Parish’s population is set to grow. Although raising the necessary funds is taking longer than we all hoped, we remain determined to make it happen.

Some of the our recent and planned activities include:


  • A table-top sale was held outside the butcher’s and raised £168.00 as well as increasing awareness about the project.
  • We have applied to the Derbyshire Freemasons for a possible grant (£2000.00 max)
  • The specification for the path has now been completed after much discussion! We have asked for three new quotes.
  • We have sent the stage 2 funding application to Veolia Land Fill Community Fund, which we will hear about in March.
  • We are also investigating applying to the Aggregate Levy Fund, Chatsworth Estate, Lockwoods and a number of other businesses.
  • We plan to clear some of the bushes from alongside the existing footpath to try and incorporate the current footpath into the recreation ground.
  • We will be running the ‘Tea Tent’ at the Fire Station open day in mid-May.

Finally we will be distributing an information leaflet to every house in the parish updating on progress and inviting donations to help us deliver this amazing new community facility.

Please do not hesitate to contact us on 07968386807 or email -

Email: or