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If ‘post truth’ was the big new expression of 2016, ‘fake news’ was not far behind it. This is the idea that people will put out stories about people which they know to be untrue. Why? It is done in the hope of smearing people, destroying their credibility, stopping other people listening to them and having them marginalised. Of course, it is also an easy way to fight back if an inconvenient fact or two reaches the public domain to swot it away as ‘fake news’, even if it so happens to be true.

As ever, on closer inspection, we discover there is nothing new under the sun. The Lord Jesus Christ was the victim of a fair few pieces of fake news. He was smeared with being a Samaritan with a demon, which for the average Jew of that day, with their inbred hostility towards Samaritans, meant He would be looked on as damaged goods. No self-respecting First Century Jew would think so highly of the carpenter’s son from Nazareth if this particular piece of mud stuck to Him. Classic bit of fake news. Elsewhere, contrasting His ministry with that of John the Baptist, the Lord spoke about the views people entertained about Him. He paraphrased them, The Son of Man (the Lord Jesus) came eating and drinking, and they say, “Look, a glutton and a wine bibber; a friend of tax collectors and sinners!”

None of the above was meant to be flattering. It was intended to paint Him as a libertine - out getting drunk and generally indulging himself. It was, of course, libellous and untrue – more fake news. And the people gave themselves away somewhat by their complaint that He mixed with people they looked down on and despised.

In other words, they thought they were OK and that this new teacher could not be ‘legit’ if He was happily rubbing shoulders with tax collectors and these sorts of people. Of course, He was calling such people to repentance, which was part of His Godappointed mission. But many of that day would not have bothered themselves with the facts. The fake news fed into their prejudice and could be ‘their truth’ – even if it was an untruth.

When the Lord’s body was raised after three days, as He had promised it would be, the chief priests bribed the guards who had been at the tomb and instructed them to say that the disciples came at night and stole the body while they slept. Matthew, in his gospel, comments, ‘…this saying is commonly reported among the Jews until this day.’ And it has kept travelling ever since. Fake news.

So have you ever looked at the claims of the Bible? Have you ever studied carefully the life and ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ through the eyes of the gospel writers, themselves eye witnesses of the actual events? Many would object that the disciples were themselves the purveyors of fake news – that none of it had happened.

There have been plenty of books down through the centuries that have tried to make that case. But then why would many of these disciples have died at the hands of persecutors, still affirming these things to be true if they knew they were ‘fake news’ all the time? It is hard to make sense of that.

So take the Bible and read it. Let no fake news stand between you and it. And we are more than happy to welcome you among our company if you want to learn some more.


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Saturday September 16th: 10.30 – 12.30



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10.45 a.m. & 6.00 p.m.

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Sunday School

Our Sunday School takes place during the Morning Service and if you would like your children to come, they would be welcome at the beginning of the service at 10.45 a.m. when the Pastor gives a Children’s Talk. The Sunday School itself begins at 11.15 a.m. and takes place in the School Room at the rear of the church, which can be found by going down the drive between the shop and the church.

Seekers Club

Most Thursdays we hold a club for young people of Primary School age. There are Bible teachings, games, crafts, quizzes and other activities. The times for those aged 5–7 (Infants) is 5–6 p.m. and for those aged 8 and above (Juniors/Seniors) is 6–7 p.m.

For more details about the Sunday School and the Seekers Club, contact the Pastor on (01773) 853180.


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