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We are pleased to say that the Crich Area Dementia Friends’ Group continues to be very active.

The music therapy sessions, at the Crich Wesleyan Chapel, held on the second Friday of every month, at 2.00pm, continue to be highly enjoyable occasions. They are a splendid example of the significant role that the Wesleyan Chapel plays in the community. Everyone seems to enjoy the music – played by a number of different musicians – and the chance to have tea and a chat after the music. Please spread the word about these events, if you know anyone who might enjoy them.

We hope that you have now received the second edition of the Crich Area Friends’ newsletter. It was delivered to houses throughout Crich and the surrounding villages. From the feedback that we have received, people find it useful but we are always grateful for ideas about what would be good to include in future editions. If anyone would be willing to help delivering the newsletter, it would be extremely helpful. If you think you might be able to assist, even to a few houses, please contact Frances James on the number at the end of this article.

The first of the training sessions, about dementia and how best to support people who have dementia, for those who provide services in the community was run by Kate Willis and Sarah McCarthy, from Supporting Solutions, at the end of June. It was an extremely successful event. One attendee commented “I really enjoyed the evening – the group was small enough for each person to gain new information, get individual attention and also contribute questions and bits of personal experience” The session will be repeated in October.

The next significant activity will be the sponsored walk on Saturday September 23rd 2017. The aims of this walk are threefold:

  • To raise awareness of dementia and its impact within the communities;
  • To be an inclusive event, with different routes suitable for all walking abilities (We hope that people with dementia will take part); and
  • To raise money to support the on-going work of the Group

Keep your eyes out for more information about the event!

Please get in touch if you have any ideas or comments about the work of the group or if you would like to join it. We are still seeking members from Lea, Holloway and South Wingfield to ensure that we represent the needs of all of the communities.

Frances James

01773 852692