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Crich Fete

A big thank you to everyone who came and made Crich Fête such a fabulous day. Please keep an eye on the Crich Village Fête Facebook page for further information.

It is hoped the bonfire and fireworks will go ahead on Sunday November 5th and next year’s Fête will take place on Saturday July 14th 2018.

We are often asked how much we made at the Fête. The answer is nothing, it always runs at a loss (hence the need for a good bonfire night). The satisfaction comes from seeing all the locals and visitors having a good day and the local schools and charities making a few quid for their causes.

Lets make sure we all keep it going!!!

Thanks to Crich Parish Council for the use of the Rec and the Hartshorne family for the use of the trailer also thank you to John, Geoff and Buzz for the electricity supply.


The Nottinghamshire Police Pipe band performed at the fete  The band ‘3 Piece Thing’ entertained the crowd from the stage

The Nottinghamshire Police Pipe Band                               The band ‘3 Piece Thing’ on stage