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Safeguarding Patient Care in the Crich Area


The virus attack on the NHS



As a PPG patients often approach us with a range of problems. However, because we have representatives of the practice at our meetings we sometimes learn of work behind the scenes that prevent problems emerging and which, of course, patients would not be aware of. One such issue our group thought all patients should be aware of is how the practice responded to the virus that was used to attack the NHS IT system earlier this year

The virus attacked many NHS computer systems late on a Friday afternoon causing a decision to be made to disconnect the system from the internet therefore protecting the surgery computer system. The Practice Manager then came in over the weekend to work with the NHS IT experts to ensure that the system was unaffected and patched to prevent any future attacks and so was up and running by early the following week. The result was minimal disruption to the system and little or no impact on patients. We did not have any problems reported to us by patients.

This was not the case in many other practices as one of our members who holds a senior position in the NHS informed us, for there were some practices, that he was aware of, that only started tackling the IT problems on Monday of the week following the attack. The result was that patients were inconvenienced and the systems were not backed up until late the following week. All organisations face problems but it is how they deal with them that separates the effective from the ineffective.

The importance of the online system

On a different matter, one of the CPPG objectives this year is to increase patients’ use of the online system for bookings and repeat prescriptions. The practice receives 1200 phone calls a week, if we reduce these we free up the phones for patients needing urgent help. The online system can be used 24hrs a day using a computer, or using an app for your tablet or smartphone. All you need do to sign up is to bring in one form of ID into Crich, Holloway or South Wingfield reception.

Dementia Friendly Village

Finally we are pleased to report that our Dementia Group’s attempt to make the village “dementia friendly” took another step forward with a successful training session for representatives of local businesses.

If you wish to join us in these activities you will be very welcome. We are always looking for new members.
David Ashton, Paul Devlin and Frances James
Crich Patient Participation Group.

01773 857334