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Popalong CHIKS (Children’s Home In Kenya Support)


Thank you to all who came to the Summer Soiree, on July 1st in aid of CHIKS, and to all who performed. Two young performers, Marcus Livingston on piano and Laura-Rose Gee on the harp, were much enjoyed. The Heartless Tarts, with their wonderful harmonies, put a smile on our faces, and Martyn Offord was a witty compère. Thanks to Mrs Julian for letting us use the school room. With extra donations, the evening made just over £500 – thanks to everyone. Our next fundraiser will be a Quiz Night at The Kings Arms on October 13th.

it hasn't rained properly since June 2016 and the crops have been poorI asked Elijah, our coordinator in Aduwa, how he and his community have been affected by the terrible drought that is still afflicting East Africa, and he sent some photos and a report. In his region it hadn’t rained properly since June 2016, and when the rains did come this March they have been disappointing. Our guardians group in Aduwa have managed to grow some vegetables using the seeds and fertilizer CHIKS funded, but the maize harvest, their staple food, will be small and inadequate. This means that CHIKS will need to send money to buy maize to help the guardians and their orphans survive. Elijah and his family also help other hungry people in their community out of their own small income - they are generous people, but it is hard.

So, one of the problems is lack of adequate irrigation for the CHIKS land and for the vegetable area. We are in the process of finding out what we can do to help, but will need more than the funding we have at present to do this. The photo shows the piping from a water-tanker that Elijah funds in an effort to water the vegetable field he owns and lets the guardians use, but he can’t do this sustainably.

the goats are thrivingOn a more positive note, the goats that CHIKS funded, and their kids, are thriving. They will carry on breeding and providing milk and meat, and money when some are sold.

Elijah reports that the children are working hard at school, and break up for the long summer break at the end of July.

They are anticipating the Kenyan General Election on August 8th. We hope and pray that it happens peacefully, and that the government will work to finish the water piping to that area of Kenya which will provide piped drinking water for areas like Aduwa to access, such as we take for granted in the UK!

If you can become a regular donor, please contact Lynda or Jim Gray and we will send you a form to fill in. Can be gift aided.



Justin Mansfield 07917 117 091

Lynda Gray: 01773 857921

Deirdre Offord 01773 853722

Heather Johnson 01773 856212

Christine Bryan 01773 853395


Our partners in Aduwa are Hope Initiative Kenya, and their website address is