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The main event for 1st Crich Scout Group during the past quarter has been the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Scout hut. I wonder if any of our older readers of CACN can remember the hut being built? Is there anyone out there who remembers when Scout meetings were still being held in "Top School"?

We celebrated the hut's 50th anniversary on 17 June with sponsored walk(s) followed by a BBQ and a (short) Annual Review meeting during the afternoon. In the week before then, Nigel Shaw (Group Scout Leader) and his work colleagues had beavered away for a couple of days on painting the exterior of the hut, cutting grass and tidying up all round the outside, and doing one or two general repairs. It was one of those "teamwork and giving back to the community" schemes that many large organisations now get involved in and we are very grateful. We are also grateful to Mark Berry and Judy for doing a fantastic spring clean of the hut in the week running up to the BBQ event.

The young people all managed to complete one of the three sponsored walks that were on offer - short, medium and large, so to speak, - and we were all especially proud of two Beavers who completed the 10 km walk - very well done! The Annual meeting was meant to begin at 3pm but was slightly delayed because one group of Scouts lost their way (despite an OS map) and had to be rescued and taxied back! If this article is public humiliation for them - tough!

The incident led to some wry smiles from the adults - will the generation born into the SatNav era be unable to read maps in the future? Our leaders will make sure this is not the case in 1st Crich Scouts!

The Explorers Group that meet in and around the hut are developing skills under the leadership of Adam Caine and mentorship from Ian Travers. This age group in the Scout movement is encouraged to decide upon and run their own programmes - an important learning process in developing leadership skills. Our Explorers are now all registered for the Duke of Edinburgh scheme, which we are thrilled about. Watch this space for news of their progress.

As I write this, our Scout section is preparing for a large International camp in Staffordshire called Poacher and we have also just reached the end of a week of creation of the well-dressings on the theme "Saints and Legends". The Scout dressing was on Robin Hood (see page 17).

Chris (Area District Commissioner Scouts) came to the Scouts on 13 July and announced that the Scouts have won the District troop shield for the second year running. Well done Scouts - and thanks to Mark and Richard and everyone in the Group that helped make this possible.


The Scout Group is run entirely by volunteers for the benefit of young people in the village and surrounding area. We are always in need of additional help - not just leaders and helpers, but also assistance with administration and the maintenance of the hut and grounds. If you would like to help, please give one of us a call.

Beaver Scouts: Justin 01773 857908
Cub Scouts: Nigel 01773 853707
Scouts: Mark 01773 850201