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It is time to dust off our copy of C.S.Lewis’ wonderful story, ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’ to find the quote that forms our title.

To make it “Always Winter, but never Christmas’ aptly and memorably summed up what life was like in Lewis’s mythical land of Narnia. The phrase perfectly captured the grey and grim conditions brought about by the spell the evil White Witch had cast over the whole country. It lay in the grip of a constant winter, everything covered in a permanent blanket of snow.

There was no hope of change. The White Witch seemed to have total power over the whole kingdom. It was never ending cold without anything bright to punctuate it. That comes over in the bleak comment that there was never Christmas. There was nothing bright and hopeful to bring cheer. There was nothing light and positive to inject into the dark short days we experience at this time of the year.

So the people of Narnia languished in the state of never-ending cheerlessness and hopelessness. In fact, as C.S Lewis unfolds his masterful story, it is a sign of the Witch’s waning hold on power when Father Christmas makes a sudden and unexpected appearance in the story-line.

Always Winter, but never Christmas – you might feel that just about sums up things from where you are sat. Bleak or no prospects. No especial hopes – just an unending state of grey drabness.

So let us switch the phrase around – always Christmas, but never Winter. How can we get to that?

Think of it like this. Man’s soul is in the grip of sin, locked up into grey and dreary conformity to its dictatorship. Sin is a state of rebellion and enmity towards God. It promises us much but delivers little. It takes us far from God, with the danger of eternal separation from God being our unhappy conclusion. And trapped in the Winter-time of sin, we lack the means and the resources to free ourselves and break its power over us.

So thank God for Christmas!

Winter-time for our soul can be ended once for all and we can be brought into a state of rejoicing and hope. Christ brings with Him the promise of forgiveness, liberty from sin’s curse, and power to live now for the glory of God. He is the light of the world, shining in our spiritual darkness. He is the resurrection and the life to bring us out of spiritual death and ruin, to bring us hope and peace with God.

And we can never lose the gift of salvation. Once received, we never again slip back into the bleak midwinter of our sinful rebellion. We are changed forever. Now it is always Christmas – always enjoying the blessing of Christ, always finding His help and guidance.

May it be always Christmas, and never Winter for you!



(10.30 – 12.30)

Saturday December 22nd




Carols around the Tree – Thursday December 20th at 7.00pm




Sunday December 23rd

Family Service 10.45am

Carol Service 6.00pm.

Christmas Day Service 10.30am



Tuesday February 19th – Thursday February 21st

Doors Open 09.30am

Start time 09.45am

To book a place contact us at the Baptist Church.

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Services are held every week as follows -

Sunday Services

10.45 a.m. & 6.00 p.m.

Tuesday Prayer Meeting

7.45 p.m.

Thursday Bible Study

7.45 p.m.



Sunday School

Our Sunday School takes place during the Morning Service and if you would like your children to come, they would be welcome at the beginning of the service at 10.45 a.m. when the Pastor gives a Children’s Talk. The Sunday School itself begins at 11.15 a.m. and takes place in the School Room at the rear of the church, which can be found by going down the drive between the shop and the church.

Seekers Club

Most Thursdays we hold a club for young people of Primary School age. There are Bible teachings, games, crafts, quizzes and other activities. The times for those aged 5–7 (Infants) is 5–6 p.m. and for those aged 8 and above (Juniors/Seniors) is 6–7 p.m.

For more details about the Sunday School and the Seekers Club, contact the Pastor on (01773) 853180.


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