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News from Crich Parish Council

Glebe Field Centre, Glebe Field Close, Crich, Derbyshire DE4 5EU

Tel: 01773 853928


Clerk: Carolyn Jennings


Crich: Cllrs. Anstead, Bateman, Baugh, Broom, Collison, Smith and Yorke
Fritchley: Cllrs. Lane (Chair), Brown & Thorpe
Whatstandwell Ward: Cllrs. Clark (Vice-Chair) and Walsh


Almost four years ago, the Parish Council decided to explore the possibility of preparing a Neighbourhood Plan. A Steering Group was set up consisting of three Parish Councillors and a number of other parishioners. After a lot of meetings and much work by many people, our Plan was ready to be put to the vote. We had a referendum of the whole parish on the 6th September and an overwhelming majority of those participating voted to adopt the plan. The turnout was 46.2%, which is very high for a Neighbourhood Plan referendum, and 97%voted for the Plan, with only 3% against. We have felt very well supported by the community throughout the process and I wish to give heartfelt thanks to all of our parishioners who have helped and supported us along the way.

I also want to pay tribute my fellow Steering Group members. By the end of the process there were only seven of us left standing, the others being Kevin Oliver (Chair), Cllr. Richard Walsh (Vice-Chair), Claire Parkinson (Secretary and Treasurer), Cllr. Chris Collison, John Bettison and Christine Bryan. The way they rallied round to save the situation when an error by Amber Valley Borough Council led to the last-minute cancellation of the original referendum date was admirable and made me very proud to be working with them.

There were others who helped along the way but, if I tried to thank them all by name, I would no doubt leave someone out. I would, however, like to mention Rachel Robson who was on the Steering Group from the outset until she and her family returned to Australia earlier this year. She has expertise in neighbourhood planning and did a great deal of valuable work for us.

Our Neighbourhood Plan was “made” by Amber Valley Borough Council on 19th September, which means that it now forms part of the Development Plan for Amber Valley, in relation to the Parish of Crich. It should be taken into consideration when the Borough Council is making planning decisions and we should therefore have some protection from unwanted development.

We must still, however, be vigilant and make sure that we comment on planning applications as normal.

Some more good news is that Cllr. Paul Yorke has won the Derbyshire Association of Local Councils’ award for Councillor of the Year. This is for his work on the PLACE project which has brought about the huge improvements to Crich recreation ground.

The Parish Council is very pleased that his work has been recognised and we give him our sincere congratulations.

In my last article, I reported on Peter Clark’s retirement from the Council. I’m pleased to say that we have co-opted a replacement for him to represent Whatstandwell ward, Cllr. Jordan James. We welcome him to the Council and hope he will be happy working with us.

Finally, we have not had a snow warden for the last few years and are still looking for one. It is a voluntary job, the purpose of which is to help to keep our community safe and moving during snowy weather. Please contact our Clerk, Carolyn Jennings (details above), if you are interested.

The Glebe has recently had to replace the canopy at the front of the building as it had fallen into disrepair. We should like to thank Derbyshire County Council who gave us a grant of £1,000 for this and Cllr. David Taylor who arranged it.


Margaret Lane
Chair of Crich Parish Council