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Crich Fete Week


The committee would like to thank the following –

Crich Parish Council for their support and for the use of the Rec; the Hartshorne family for the mobile stage; Dan Gregory (Mallott Construction), and Ian Clark (Crich Quarry) for their generosity in helping to form the new access ramp; Crich Scouts for their continued support; Matt Rose of Crich for the loan of his trailer; John, Val, Geoff, and Buzz for the electricity and water supply; Derwent Waste for the skip; the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight for sending the Hurricane; the Sayles family also need a mention for their tireless efforts and the use of the tractors, trailers and fork trucks.

Anyone missed please accept our sincere apologies. Without all the support it would be impossible to hold the Fête.

The 2019 Crich Village Fête will take place on Saturday July 13th.

Keep your fingers crossed for sunshine next July.

If you are interested in organising an event, please provide initial thoughts and details to Geoff Brown on