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the children enjoyed their visit to The StandAutumn is a time of change as the green leaves of summer give way to vibrant yellows, reds and oranges. There’s so much for our senses to explore, and the children of Crich Pre-School have enjoyed many autumn adventures together. One especially exciting trip involved catching a bus from the marketplace to Town End, climbing up the hill to visit The Stand, watching a farmer at work in his tractor and trying to roll some hay bales. When the children discovered these were too heavy for them, they decided to have a rest on top of them instead.




the children have made Autumn lanternsOur children made some lovely autumn lanterns to sell at the Infants School Autumn Fayre. They collected colourful autumn leaves of different shapes and sizes which they used to decorate jars. When illuminated with a tea-light the lanterns shone beautifully and cast fascinating shadows.

Thank you to those who bought them, helping to raise funds for Pre-School. We hope you are enjoying them. We were also very pleased to receive a donation from the Well Dressing committee which will be invested in Pre-School resources.

Our own fundraising activities continue with our Christmas Shopping event at the end of November, which we are preparing for at the time of writing. We’re looking forward to many of you joining us and getting into the festive spirit together.

exploring natureAutumn has also been a time of change amongst our staff and we were very sad to say goodbye to one of our longest serving and very highly valued member of staff. Helen Dawes has worked at Crich Pre-School for over 20 years and has been instrumental to our success during that time. Helen has been suffering with back problems for some time now and resigned from her position with us in October. She has helped so many Crich children to learn through play with such tender care and affection and is greatly missed by her colleagues and the children.

Kay Fletcher joined us as our new Teaching and Learning manager after October half term and we’d like to thank Kennedy Hunns for filling in for the first half term until Kay was able to start. Kay is a qualified teacher and has 15 years of experience working in Early Years settings and at Key Stage One. Kay is very creative and also a qualified Forest Schools leader, so we look forward to lots more adventures with her to come exploring the natural environment around us.


We also welcome some new volunteers to our team in the autumn team. Julie Kirk, Head of Crich Infants School, joined us a Chair of Trustees and we are excited to be strengthening our ties with the school in this way. Sue Rix, a former primary head with a wealth of experience as an inspector of Early Years settings joined us as an affiliate Trustee and
Katie Ashall-Kelly and Clare Somek joined us as parent Trustees. We are very grateful for the input and support of all our volunteers and want to thank them for giving up their time to help us. We are still looking for a volunteer Trustee Treasurer. If you think you might be able to help us, please do get in touch by emailing: