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This is the time of year when we all, Scouts or not, look back on the things that have happened over summer, dig out the photos and say to each other "Wasn't it good!"

The Scout units have had some amazing activities over the summer.

The Beavers most recent adventure was in Church over the October Harvest weekend. Beavers are so young that safety rules about indoor sleepovers for them are very tight, so this sleepover saw them camping inside St Mary's church! From Saturday lunch until Sunday lunch the Beavers, with their adult leaders, took part in an afternoon of Autumn based activities; shared an informal Harvest supper with their parents in church; made a cross from Glo-Sticks; had a camp-fire in the old quarry at the rear of the church building; played wide games in the field behind the cemetery and at sunrise walked to Edge Farm to watch the milking. Overnight the church was filled with pop-up tents from the West end right up to the main altar! On Sunday morning, the Beavers played a big part in the Harvest service before going home with their parents. I think that this "adventure" may be repeated in the future!


The Beavers slept in pop up tents in St Mary's church Beavers making exhibits for the Harvest Festival


Pop up tents being used for a sleepover in the church                     Making some Autumn displays


Our Explorers and some of the Scouts went camping in Sweden this summer. It was an invitation from a Swedish group that they met at camp here in the UK. While there, the Facebook pages posted by leaders said it all - a really successful venture! One parent has expressed how her daughter left as a growing child but returned as an adult. That is exactly what happens to our young people if they join in with the activities on offer through the Scout movement! It really is a great organisation for young people.


Food's up at the camp in Sweden The Explorers and some scouts at the camp in Sweden


Food time at the camp                                        The Explorers and some scouts at the camp


The other big activity over summer was also for the Scout section unit, who went on a rampage to a camp called Rampage! I say no more!

I have always ended my CACN report with a thank you to our Unit leaders for the sterling work they do with our young people in the Scout community, but this time I want to include particular thanks to Peter Patilla for giving us space for so long in this magazine. 1st Crich Scouts have truly benefited from Peter's inclusion of our news in CACN - it has given us a far wider audience than would have been possible without this magazine. Peter, we hope you have a long and happy retirement and please do not use your rights as editor to omit (from my report) our special thanks to you!



The Scout Group is run entirely by volunteers for the benefit of young people in the village and surrounding area. We are always in need of additional help - not just leaders and helpers, but also assistance with administration and the maintenance of the hut and grounds. If you would like to help, please give one of us a call.

Beaver Scouts: Justin 01773 857908
Cub Scouts: Nigel 01773 853707
Scouts: Mark 01773 850201