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Committee Meetings 2018 – The Family Tree at 7.30 pm


2 October, 13 November

If you are interested in joining the committee or would like to help out with the events then please come along or contact us via the website.


Whatstandwell Social Club Events – 2018

7 December         Winter Gathering

17 December       Carol Concert


Craft and Produce Show Report – 2018


A year of mixed fortunes in the Fruit and Veg categories – no doubt in large part due to the long hot summer. Lots of tomatoes, apples, string beans but not much in the way of onions, potatoes, leeks, et al. However, some notable successes in the general category with sweetcorn, aubergine, stringy noodle squash (or something like that) and a host of other exotics on display. A grand and impressive selection of giant vegetables from one of our regular exhibitors helped to fill the tables!

Flower entries were down this year but those presented were of a high standard.

Cakes, breads and biscuits were also in short supply compared to previous years but again of high quality and in considerable demand at the auction afterwards.

In the jams, chutneys and preserves there appeared to be a good number of entries. However, closer inspection revealed that nearly all of them were made by two of our regular and highly successful ladies! They swept the board this year in the judging which helped them considerably to accumulate the most points and clinch the Overall Winner prize.

What stood out again this year’s were the exhibits in the children’s section. The miniature gardens were amazingly good, including one in a little glass vessel the size of a tennis ball which was the mini garden equivalent of a ship in a bottle. Excellent. I must also mention the remarkable collection of vegetable animals – well done to all!

So, on the whole not the greatest of years but still some real highlights and thanks to all who took part. It is a fun event in the village and I would encourage anyone who hasn’t yet taken part to throw themselves into it next year. There are categories for everyone!



Hindersitched Up! – how did it go?


A new running challenge, open to all, where it appears that seemingly normal and rational individuals subject themselves to considerable suffering in pursuit of the glory of being the fastest “up t’hill”. Personally I think the motivation comes at least partly from the complimentary pint on offer at the Cliff Inn finishing point for each competitor paying the full entrance fee. Your author himself would consider the challenge if there was a pint of Ay ‘Up at the end of it!

Anyway, as one of the Marshalls I can say all credit to those sixty-five hardy individuals who took on the challenge, with runners from Whatstandwell and local clubs. Winners in the various categories turned in remarkable times for a course that is a little over a mile long with nearly 500 feet of ascent. The fastest time being 8 minutes and 14 seconds!

In the unofficial category of winners:-

• Participant from furthest afield – Colin from Australia! (didn’t run all the way here though.)
• Most jubilant competitor – Jane Gadie – although a cloud of suspicion hangs over her for possible drug infringements.
• Most self-satisfied – Joss Beresford.
• Most bent on revenge, presumably for missing out on first place – Vicky Green .

The list goes on.

And to finish the event off, an evening of music, food and drinks was enjoyed at the Cliff.

An all round great success. So much so that there is every likelihood of HU2 being organised next year. Well done to all who took part or helped in any way, particularly to the fella who made it happen – Ozzy Unsworth.


Crich Carr Carol Concert

Monday 17th December at Crich Carr School

Watch out for a few surprises this year.

Sherry, mince pies, carols, the chance to meet and chat but with, we hope, a different feel.

Doors open 6:30 pm – service starts at 7:00


Whatstandwell Social Club Christmas Party.


Following on from the success of last year’s “Winter Gathering” the date for your calendar this year is Friday 7th December and the venue will be the Family Tree.

The format will be essentially the same as last year. From 4pm to 6pm will be set aside for the kids’ party. From around 6pm to 8pm will be reserved for our senior residents to come down for a chat and tempting nibbles. Then from 8pm up to around midnight a party with a disco, a couple of live bands and food. There will also be a bar with a small range of drinks including real ale.

Tickets will be on sale at the Family Tree.

Don Zmarzty