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News from Crich Parish Council

Glebe Field Centre, Glebe Field Close, Crich, Derbyshire DE4 5EU

Tel: 01773 853928


Clerk: Carolyn Jennings


Crich: Cllrs. Anstead, Bateman, Baugh, Broom, Collison, Smith and Yorke
Fritchley: Cllrs. Lane (Chair), Brown & Thorpe
Whatstandwell Ward: Cllrs. Clark (Vice-Chair) and Walsh


The Crich Parish Neighbourhood Plan has been through the independent examination process and the Steering Group is happy with the result. We are hoping that the referendum will be held before too long. There is an article elsewhere in this magazine which gives details of what happens next. The production of the Plan has been a long process and the Steering Group is very grateful for the level of public support and assistance we have received at all stages.

I also want to thank the members of the Steering Group who have had to work extremely hard, grappling with a very complex and lengthy process. We have been a very happy group and it has been a pleasure to work with them all.

The Ambergate Reservoir project is nearing completion. Both of the reservoirs are up and running and the contractors are tidying the site, planting trees etc. The access road will be one of the last things to go. Severn Trent and their contractors have at all times been sensitive to the concerns of the local community and have worked closely with us to minimise the disruption caused by the work. If only all building contractors in our parish showed such consideration towards residents!

The 20mph zone around The Green in Fritchley promised to us by Derbyshire County Council may not now happen. The Highways officers have done some speed monitoring and say it isn’t necessary. We have asked for further monitoring at different points and have not yet given up hope of getting the 20mph zone. Our concerns were prompted by reports of children playing ball games and running across the road. I would like to reiterate my request to parents not to allow their children to play ball games on The Green but to take them to the school field where they can play safely.

We are looking at different ways to try to prevent people driving across the grass on Fritchley Green as this causes unsightly damage. There will be public consultation on our plans.

The Congregational Church and hall in Fritchley have closed down. This is sad news for local residents and efforts are being made to keep it for community use. The building has been registered with Amber Valley Borough Council as an asset of community value but this is only a first step and a great deal of money will have to be raised if it is to be secured for local people.

The PLACE project has made huge progress recently with the improvements to Crich recreation ground. The new playground area has been opened officially at a ceremony attended by many residents. This is a wonderful achievement for Cllr. Yorke and the PLACE committee and it was very gratifying to see lots of happy children playing on the new equipment at the opening.

I feel that I must draw attention to one worrying aspect of the way the recreation ground is used and this concerns dog owners who fail to pick up after their pets. The grassy slope behind the play area is particularly badly affected, with a lot of dog mess being left there. Given the catastrophic effects that contact with dog mess can have on children, this is amazingly irresponsible, as well as being disgusting for other users of the recreation ground. Please can those responsible for leaving this mess bag it and put it in one of the bins or take it home to dispose of it safely.

Finally, can I draw your attention to the new email address for the Parish Clerk which is as shown in our heading.


Margaret Lane
Chair of Crich Parish Council